Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He Quits

I don't really enjoy writing these kind of stuff but it is a big news. I don't really like to talk about these but it is a big news.

For some reasons, he quitted from his party, a party he once led more than 2 decades ago. The decision came as shock as the news do travel fast. It was only about 2 months ago, a new political tsunami swept across Malaysia, where the general election results produced one of the most unbelievable result ever. The ruling coalition lost its majority while the opposition's stronghold are gaining ground fast. So it goes with the new political landscape.

Now, the former PM decided to quit from his party. This move must and have something to do with his discontent over the fact that the leader of the country and the party is the current PM himself. So why the fuss? It is not the first time ex-PM did something to show his move against the PM. Some thought that he will influence the people and member to hold a non-confidence vote against PM but not this move to quit.

In his blog at chedet.com, ex-PM had put several articles like the failure of the ruling coalition, the visible prove of the government weakness and so on. Everyone know that since day one, our ex-PM didn't really trust his successor for been able to drive the country. He believed the current PM acted as a temporary and transition to a better government. May be this is true. so he believed in it and he claimed that he will be back as long as the current PM step down. Oh please, you know how stubborn both are. But my question to the ex-PM is that, once you are out, will you be able to come in again? At least many people are following his footstep now!!

Current government is not the best we have but lately, they are trying to do whatever they could to save the coalition. Subsidize this subsidize that. The coalition is actually on the verge of danger especially the day when ex-deputy PM will be back into political actions again, leading the oppositions. Only the most blind person will deny that the opposition are growing stronger. The current government did not really failed to fulfill people's wish and desire and failed to listen to the people's voice and the minority as well.

Let's take the Selangor new government for example. They are really trying to do what they had promise before the election. Now they are doing it but things and matters take time. You don't expect gold to fall from the sky when you wish it happens. Free water coming in June and RM1,000 for students enrolled into higher learning. But there are morons who kept complaining about things and lodged police report. To these people, please think back, all these benefits are truly deserved the poor, not those fat-and-wealthy-bastards who makes noise here and there. Probably you didn't vote for the opposition!!

When Penang or Selangor are in opposition, these certain people just can't keep their mouth shut! Chaos here, chaos there!! What's the point? Let peoples work!! Come let's think back. Whoever becomes government there are people who are not satisfied. How to satisfy everyone, I ask? Even the old governemnts are slow and "lembab" and ignorance, please for the love of God, the previous Selangor government are the most corrupted one!! thank God they are not there anymore.

If you think these are the point you want to fight and make chaos about. Wait till you come to my hometown, Sabah. All these while, it is been marginalised and sidelined!! The development in Sabah has been good in recent years but then, now, it is slowing down again. Money all fly away and gone, the next corrupted state in the making!! Just wait for my post on Sabah then you people will realize the new danger is emerging!!


cher linn said...

I'm sooo gonna talk to you about this! I can't agree more with you. I was thinking on how to pen this down, and here I have, a good post with good question =)

acura said...

I really agreed with you on this. After the opposition won 5 states, certain people tried to politicise everything!

But if you look at the real picture, you can see that alot of positive changes are taking place. So we should give them time & judge later. What the opposition is doing is way better than what BN had done in the past

BernardC said...

To Cherlinn: I have been abstaining myself from writing so much on post-election thingy. But damn...everyday I see those familiar making faces and those on the parliament sessions debate, I felt certain people still don't get the idea of losing!!

To Acura: Thanks!! I think the answer won't come now. Even the real picture not many are able to see. The answer will only out in the next 5 years. Who does better and who corrupt the most and who talk craps the most, everyone knows!!

cher linn said...

Well, sometimes, it's NOT the media that sensationalise the issue, u know ;) BTW, I believe I'll see you in KL by the beginning of July? I need to talk to you, preferably over Starbucks coffee. I belanja. Serious. Provided you'd really listen.

BernardC said...

Cherlinn: Not really...in the mid of July.
Wat you wanna talk about?

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