Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Support of David Cook

The American Idol final is just going to kick in the next 40 hours or so. Here I am pledging my support since week one to David Cook!! Good luck,man! David Cook rocks!! In tomorrow's final he will up against David Archuleta (hope I was right with his surname!!) and all the best to him!!

Hello, a cover of Lionel Ritchie's song

Eleanor Rigby, a classic from Beatles

The Little Sparrow, a covered version of Dolly Parton's


cher linn said...

I've never seen David Cook's performance (you know I'm not a fan of American Idols) but I think
David Archuleta is too cute boy-ish to be one's idol. Not like Shayne Ward, you know. hee hee.

BernardC said...

Hey, cherlinn, well the finale is today and you can watch his performance on the videos above. He's good, I mean he can sing, obviously he can but he can also alter a song but maintain the originality.

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