Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Weekend When Eveything Seems Empty...Oh Big Mac at McD!!


With exam is over and holiday is just kicking in, the life that I used to have had became not the same as the usual one. All these while it has always been exam, study and play and movie and music. Now the life comes in a new dimension of play and something else. I'm thinking of what I should do with the something else, still. Maybe play harder or work. But God knows what I should do. Dear Lord, what should I do for the next 9 weeks until July??

I am still in the hostel but it all seems loomy gloomy. Not many people are still here. The floor I am staying right now, I probably can guess that not many are still here, with many had made their choice by packing stuffs and go home. Me, on the other note had to wait till 21st of this month to make my way on an airplane that I am going to take and if possible, I would love to leave this empty and scary place early too like eveyone else.

But looking on the bright side, this week seems to be interesting. I watched Iron Man, 21, The Bank Job and Speed Racer. Some on cinema and some on downloaded porated version. Yeah...and I kept on listening to the same songs these days, if not Relize, it will be 4 Minutes or Bleeding Love.

I also managed to memorize the Big Mac Chant and the time is a blistering 2.01 seconds. I'm not sure how I done it but this time is according to a lovely lady at the counter that timed me yesterday. My personal best in training is about 2.46 seconds. During my attempt at the counter I just knew that I have to do my best and I realize that I said the chant faster than usual though. 2.01 now and what's next?? Below 2.00 seconds. It seems impossible as it is impossible to make it quicker anywhere anyhow. My reward, a free Big Mac. It is just so sad because I'm not sure that everyone will be able to enjoy it as many people like my Indian friends and certain Buddhist friends may not be able to have it. Remember that Big Mac is simply equal to McBeef. Well, you have until May 28 to practise and practise.

"Two All-Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions, On A Sesame seed Bun"

Talking about Big Mac, I do heard from my friend that the economists love to use something they calles Big Mac Index. It is an informal way to measure the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies. Nevertheless, they also compared it between each nation, where you can get an expensive Big Mac and the cheapest Big Mac.

Five most expensive Big Mac
Iceland - US$ 7.44
Norway - US$ 6.63
Reunion Island US$ 6.23
Switzerland - US$ 5.05
Denmark - US$ 4.84

Five most affordable Big Mac
India - US$ 1.40
China - US$ 1.41
Hong Kong - US$ 1.54
Malaysia - US$ 1.57 (about RM5)
Venezuela - US$ 1.58

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