Saturday, June 07, 2008

Errr...My Account Is Drying

Remeber those days when your mom told you to save your money for your rainy days and for future undertakings? Remember those days where Pendidikan Moral always stressed on the importance to save? Remember those days when your mom brought you to the bank and deposited money, ang pow money and whatever stuff that can be save in a new account just for you?

Okay!! So, she did gave you a coin box. Maybe it was in the form of camel (by ArabMalaysian, then, now AmBank), or a Disneyland Castle (I used to have one which was from Standard Chartered) or a piggy bank, a universal symbol for saving your DAMN money in it for future use.

Whatever it is, the point is some of us do have coin box, when ever you need those change you took from it. Or simply you keep it just to wait for the free time you possibly have to go to the bank and deposited. Or maybe just keep it for fun.

Tell you what, due to the oil and comodity price continue to soar up and up, the oil price, food price and services have cost more than ever. Want to eat a nice plate of fried rice also need RM5.50, exclusive drinks. Wow, impressive!!

Tell you what!! In the end of the day, my piggy bank was sucked up and became this.....

Poor piggy, and thanks to the government for the efforts!!
Pictures courtesy of: Pink Wen's blog and those forwarded e-mail that i got!! Lol


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