Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gearing Up To EURO Final!!!

The showdown for the titans of two Goliath of European football

Tonight is the night, it is not the same night you are going to have every night. It happens only once in four year. The final showdown between Germany and Spain.

Germany, a nation with more than 81 million peoples will be getting ready to celebrate their fourth European title, which they have won the Delauney Trophy thrice in 1972, 1980 and 1996. They failed in their last major tournament final in 2002 World Cup when they lost to Brazil 0-2, thanks to two superb goals by Ronaldo to defeat Oliver Kahn that time. Germany's record in EURO is disastrous, been unable to win even a single match for the 2000 and 2004 edition of EURO, thus became a stumble major setback and exited the group stage twice ever since won EURO 96 in England. Germany was one of the world major football power before having much disappointment at the turn of the millenium, but they are back now. They eventually failed in Semifinal of World Cup 2006 in their home soil but nevertheless gave the best performance ever before stumbled to Italy. They are now ranked 5th in FIFA World Ranking. One thing about the German is that they played less attacking throughout the tournament which may retards much of their chances for first ever tournament victory since 1996.
Spain, a beautiful Mediterranean country in South West Europe is also ready to show the world that they are no longer an underachiever. Spain, ranked 4th in the FIFA World Ranking is the "highest ranked team which never won World Cup before". Spanish football are always been nicely tainted with some many superstars and big names but yet, they failed in many major tournament, ended up been quarter-finalists at the most. This EURO proved everything looks good for the Spanish. Nevertheless, they have been consistent enough to place themselves in such a good position. Many hailed them as the return of the golden era and golden men similar to the 1984 Spanish squad. The odds are at them to win tonight, with their attacking fleet and defending bas elook strong but sometimes dominating doesn't always translate to win.

For tonight match, both team were worried due to the injury infliceted by their top and inspirational players. Germany will be certain to worry about their captian, Michael Ballack for his injury during the training. Spain meanwhile will have to forget about David Villa, tournament top scorer on-form which had to be withdrawn at 34th minute of their semifinal clash with Russia. Nevertheless, both Joachim and Luis will definitely crack their head looking for the best combination to face each other tonight. In German camp, most likely Tom Borowskii, Piotr Trochowskii or the best candidate; Bastian Schweisteinger and Simon Rolfes will replace Ballack seat. The Spanish camp will look for the combination of either Fabregas, Torres and Guiza (top scorer for last season La Liga) with the absense of Villa.

En-route to the FINAL
GERMANY (Runner up of Group B)

vs Poland (Goals: 2-0 Lukas Podolski (2), Yellow Card: 1, Shots 10, Shot on target 5, Corners 4 to 3, Offside 5 to 4, Possession 52%)

vs Croatia (Goals: 1-2 Lukas Podolski, Yellow Card: 2, Shots 7, Shot on target 4, Corners 7 to 7, Offside 3 to 1, Possession 57%)

vs Austria (Goals: 1-0 Michael Ballack, Yellow Card: 0, Shots 14, Shot on target 6, Corners 6 to 8, Offside 2 to 0, Possession 52%)

vs Portugal (Goals: 3-2 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Miroslav Klose - Michael Ballack, Yellow Card: 2, Shots 10, Shot on target 5, Corners 3 to 8, Offside 2 to 2, Possession 43%)

vs Turkey (Goals: 3-2 Bastian Schweinsteiger - Miroslav Klose - Phillipe Lahm, Yellow Card: 0, Shots 7, Shot on target 3, Corners 2 to 8, Offside 0 to 1, Possession 45%)

Germany had proved the theory that domination doesn't always translate to victory. This is shown by the fact that the German had scored 10 goals but conceded 6. Lehmann is not the world best goalie like his predecessor of the legend Oliver Kahn, neither did the backbencher of defense but the likes of Lahm been great give some confidence to boost the defence. The midfield pack holds some of the best one in the world while attacking force led by Klose is sometimes vulnerable and less lethal. They have created less shots; 48 in total, 23 on target with 10 goals. The impressive facts to note that they have good scoring chance percentage especially when they against the Turks, 3 goals from 3 shots on target.

SPAIN (Winner of Group D)

vs Russia (Goals: 4-1 David Villa (3) - Cesc Fabregas, Yellow Card: 0, Shots 17, Shot on target 12, Corners 4 to 6, Offside 2 to 5, Possession 46%)

vs Sweden (Goals: 2-1 Fernando Torres - David Villa, Yellow Card: 1, Shots 13, Shot on target 10, Corners 7 to 0, Offside 1 to 2, Possession 63%)

vs Greece (Goals: 2-1 Ruben de la Red - Daniel Guiza, Yellow Card: 2, Shots 17, Shot on target 5, Corners 5 to 1, Offside 1 to 4, Possession 56%)

vs Italy (Goals: 0-0 won on penalty shootout, Yellow Card: 3, Shots 21, Shot on target 6, Corners 8 to 3, Offside 3 to 4, Possession 56%)

vs Russia (Goals: 3-0 Xavi Hernandez - Daniel Guiza - David Silva, Yellow Card: 0, Shots 18, Shot on target 11, Corners 4 to 3, Offside 4 to 1, Possession 52%)

Spain looked very dominance in terms of attacking, with its super efficient ball passes and nice tactical outreach. They dominate the games against Russia and Italy especially where they played superb football. Goalie Ikar Casilas had been a nation hero throughout the tournament including twice saving a critical Italian penalty showdown. The defender was among the best where they only conceded 3. The midfeild and attacking force are awesome, where they have created a staggering total of 86 shots (twice the German), 44 on target and 11 goals. Certainly percentage of goal scoring machine are vert effective in creating chance but seldom hit the net. They have a very good ball possesion indicating a strong dominant and game control.

The bookies given Spain 2.50 and Germany 3.00, where Spain are ahead of the Germans in tonight final. Stay tuned for live match at TV3, NTV7 or ASTRO at 2.45 am tomorrow early morning for the "Expected Emotion" live from Vienna.

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