Thursday, June 26, 2008


I thought my prediction is slipping away again last night when the Germany team of superstars are falling to Turkey by a goal. In a 22th minute U Bogal's strike put the Turks, one of two major surprises in the semi final gave me a headache. As I understood, all my prediction for the quarter finals are all gone wrong except Spain, which srapping and sailing through the Azzhurri.

Then Schweisteinger equalizer and Miroslav Klose second goal put the German in lead. A sign of relief there. But as I say before, this time EURO's matches are not the same as the previous one, this time are more exciting and less dull. Simply because many goals where scored at the very last minutes, especially the last 20 minutes frame of normal play. The game last night produced about 3 goals from the very last 20 minutes.

So, when you watched football games, don't ever assume your team is save with one goal ahead with 15 minutes to go. Surprises can happen. It happened last night, when Germany was leading 2-1, Semith Senturk scored and gave Turkey a lifeline. As I said earlier, another twist happened. Influential defender, Phillipe Lahm scored on 90th minute to seal a victory for Germany in high intense and dramatic match.

A rather sad ending for the Turks and fairytale thingy for the Germany. Why not? They attacked more, played more balls and organize properly. I was rather surprised on how Germany was given a lesson and seldom have ball possession. The Turks have 55% to Germany 45% ball possession, while in terms of goal shots, Turkey had 15 (4 on target) against Germany 7 (only 3 on target). Wait, did you notice something here? Germany had 3 goals from 3 shots on target. Very impressive!!!

I'm looking forward for Spain - Russia game tonight!! Good luck Spain!!
Sorry, no pictures available for this post. Truly sorry, I'm kind of lack in time now.



acura said...

The Turks are really dominating the game early on. I almost forgot they are having severe injury prob & suspension.

Credit to them they almost manage to force extra time again. But the most frustrating part is the lost signal. I miss 2 goals because of it. Really lousy.

And bro, my post is not referring to you. I am perfectly ok with people who comment on the latest news.

But i notice there is one blogger who just cut n paste the news article with no editing, no personal views. He has been doing it for the 3rd or 4th time. If you want to know who i can point it out to u. No offense ya ^~^

BernardC said...

Ui!! The Turks din played out until extra times la. But if all the knockout stage matches ended up until extra times and penalty, no need to sleep lo like tat!! But something gud abt EURO 2008, more suspense and more late goals. Haha

Aiyo, who's tat guy? Tell him next time tat copy and paste everything need some extra notes oso lah!!

I read abt some ppl oso complaining abt his frenz article been copyrighted including the photos in the blogs. Wat's wrong wit ppl these days - lack of creativity? At least I think he shud put some credits la...

No offense taken, dun worry!!!

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