Friday, June 27, 2008


It was supposed to be a night for the Russian. They surprised Sweden and Netherlands en route to the semi final. Their opponent, Spain was the one whom had beaten them leaving them looking for ash and dust to pack early home. But then, Andrei Arshavin made some different for the Russian. Spain lokked strong sonce day one. 4-1 trashing of Russia became their hold of confidence.

Last night, the Spaniard armada under Louis Aragone, an inspirationnal man with magical wards had assembled his much superstars army again to fight off the men of Guus Hiddink, hailed for his absolutely fantastic tactical arragement and football play which prove effective against Greece, Sweden and Netherlands. His team was the team to beat last night.

Rain started to pour with lightning and thunder drumming the sky of Vienna, a venue also set for the Final. First half ran dry as both teams been couscious but still provide some good football. No scores yet. But the Spaniards are dominating.

Second half came the goals of the match. Xavi Hernandez opened the scoreline with a brilliant play, 1-0 in the 50th minute. 23 minutes later, substitute Daniel Guiza fired past Igor Akinfeev while David Silva sealed the victory en route to final with a brilliant drill to make it 3 up in the 82th minute. 3-0 for Spain which had 52 to 48 percent of ball possession over the Russian. Spain had 18 (11 on target) of shots to Russia's 6 (only 1 on target). Spain was a dorminant and strong force last night. No doubt at the first 20 minutes, I envisioned a Final of Germany and Spain, both are favourites in the tournament. Looks like I'm right with my prediction; one of the past winners will win it again!!

Final this Sunday will see Germany, a triple champions in 1972, 1980 and 1996 will face off Spain a former champion in 1984 in a sure exciting match at Vienna. Let us crossed our fingers hoping whoever win the Delauney Trophy will still entertain us with a much fascinating game.



acura said...

Congrats...your prediction is right. I am looking forward to watching the final. My pick would be Spain to win it.Also Fabregas was great, I wonder why he was not in the starting line up

BernardC said...

Wow, yeah i know. Finally I was right after major revamp on my prediction. It looks like Spain gonna lift the trophy based on performances on semi finals. Even Joachim admitted that their win over turkey was merely luck.

phingy said...

the final should be good !

germany can score during critical moments . lol it shud be interesting

acura said...

Spain has been waiting for so long maybe this year is their year.

You should be happy to have visitor from Israel visiting. Means people find your post attractive ^~^ But becareful later they throw you into ISA for terrorist activities haha

Hmm..could it be Avram Grant reading you blog? haha

BernardC said...

To Phingy:
Yeah, I hope it is a hell-out-of-the-world Final. Germany didn't seem to be at a high moment now but they are good with their chances. Spain looks promising but they can suffer a setback anytime as well.

To Acura:
I am surprise Fabregas is not yet a regular XI. But ur right, they have been waiting since the last Final they have been. Always underachiever in major tournament.

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