Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There are a lot of Fools around!! I don't know why?

Today I read and heard news. Yes, everyday I do that in fact, but lately I seldom go and talk about it, cause I fed up with what the news is trying to tell me. Everyday is nothing but petrol price, Pak Lah, Mr Yong and his no-confidence votes. But this one is so interesting that without mentioning it will make me feel uneasy.

News #1: Malaysian city reminds Muslim women not to wear bright lipstick, noisy high heels

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Authorities in a northern Malaysian city are calling on Muslim women not to wear bright lipstick and noisy high-heel shoes if they want to follow the "Islamic way," an official said Tuesday.

The municipal council in Kota Baru, run by a conservative Islamic party, is distributing pamphlets that recommend women refrain from wearing heavy makeup, including bright lipstick, and loud high-heel shoes to work, council spokesman Azman Mohamad Daham said.
"We just distribute pamphlets. Our minimum guideline is they must wear headscarves," he said. "The rest is up to them. If they want to follow the 100 percent Islamic way, it's up to them."

He said the suggestions aim to prevent rape and protect women's dignity and morals. The campaign started in 2006, but new pamphlets are circulated each year, he said.
Kota Baru is the capital of Kelantan state, which is ruled by the conservative opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party.

National news agency Bernama earlier reported the city had issued a directive forbidding women from wearing makeup and noisy high heels, but Azman said the report was incorrect. He said the only legal directive is one that was issued a decade ago, ordering Muslim women to wear headscarves.

Violators can be fined up to 500 ringgit (US$150), Azman said, adding that an average of 20 women were fined each month for breaking the rule.

Malaysia, where about two-thirds of the population is Malay Muslim, prides itself on being a moderate country. Other ethnic groups _ Chinese and Indians who follow other religions _ do not face restrictions on their clothing and are free to practice their faiths.
However, debates about Muslim dress codes and behavior erupt occasionally.
The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, which secured an unprecedented number of parliamentary seats and state governments together with two other opposition parties in March elections, has only recently backed away from openly advocating an Islamic state.
News #2: It;s not an article because it's for tommorrow's daily. Because of one SMS, then the power of SMS are observed and proved to be true. Peoples received a SMS then forwrded to everyone they know. In the end of the day, panic occured this afternoon. All the petrol stations around Sabah, especially KK, were flooded with thousands of vehicles waiting in queue to buy petrol. A gimmick, a strategy to increase sales or is it really true about the kiosk operators are certainly going to have a boycott against government. From what I know, they have demanded the stop in accepting credit card sales as they are been charged by banks and demanding higher allowance from each sales. The panic began at about 1pm where vehicles surged to petrol kiosk to buy stocks if the rumour about three-days boycott is going to happen tommorrow. So far it is just a rumour and it is not true. Those funny sighting reminds me of what happen three weeks ago!! LOL!!!


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