Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I've Done With The Skeleton

Today, on the afternoon, I felt like I have ran out of idea to feel my lunch time break. I don't want to eat those costly and not so tasty cafeteria food, yucks!! Since on the afternoon I will be having a tutorial on Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial (OSM) - you don't know, just...never point is that it was a tutorial. While waiting for the arrival of my beloved professor and the cool lecturer, I came inside the room only to discover a classroom-like environment with this skeleton model which I found it fancy to play with.

So here it goes, Mr. Skeleton...Oh his name is Abel.

And I pulled out my sucky camera phone and went on to snap his picture. Well, what I can say is that Mr Skeleton is a cam-whore for some reason. Thanks to me anyway!!

Okay, Mr. Skeleton, get ready for your first pose!!
Oh come on, Mr Abel, you can do better than that!!

Haha, cam whore from close angle, Abel?

Okay, Mr Skeleton, high five!!
You are covering your ear? What was that? "Hear No Evil!!"?

"See No Evil"
"Speak No Evil"
Okay, I don't know why he suddenly fall down!! Okay Mr Skeleton, let me help you up!
Hey, are you okay Mr Skeleton? Well, it's almost 2pm, my class will starts soon.

Oh, don't cry la Mr Skeleton, next time we shall meet again and I'll take more of yours, okay!! Gotta go now, got class!! Bye bye!!
So here it goes, my Thursday at tutorial and later I went to watch Mulder and Scully in The X-Files: I Want To Believe, not bad but forgettable one. Long time didn't watch them though.


zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...

Cool skeleton! I want one!

BernardC said...

Haha...the skeleton don't come cheap lo!!

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