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This is my second post about the Caped Crusader frenzy and sensational hype around. It had been three weeks in the cinemas, yet The Dark Knight still capturing more records after records in its box office and showing no signs of erosion. Even in the US, it still overshadowed The Mummy 3. Unless you have been out of this planet for some times, you may heard a lot of stories about The Dark Knight. From positive reviews, buzzing Oscar nominations rumours, to the record breaking number.

As a matter of fact, The Dark Knight - a second in the Batman franchise which started refresh under the helm of Christopher Nolan is creating and rewriting history and record books. The first was Batman Begins in 2005 featuring Bruce Wayne vs Ras al-Ghul and how he became Batman. The second one features Bruce Wayne vs Joker vs Two-Face and how the comparison between the real hero of Gotham made.

Many found the storyline in The Dark Knight were too deep and too dark. I can tell you these:
  • The knight in search to become an icon of hero of Gotham City. The white knight - a warrior that put criminals in Gotham in lockups was Harvey Dent, while the dark knight - also a warrior whom is placed as a criminal vigilante by the public,who still upright justice and put criminals in jail was Batman.
  • Batman thought that he will not in need as he found a perfect replacement of himself, Harvey Dent. Dent was an unmasked hero and the public put him as a hero of kicking the ass of criminals. Therefore, Batman can stop been Batman and fond his kindred with Rachel. But tragedy occured.
  • In comic books, neither Batman and The Joker would killed each other. Batman doesn't kill, while The Joker doesn't kill him because he later grew in fun over his confrontation with Batman. So The Joker always has a plan and always a step in front of anyone. He managed to turn Harvey Dent into the dark side, signifying the fall of a warrior and making the people lost hope of the city itself. Therefore, The Joker can rules.
  • Batman sacrificed himself in the end of the story to continue to become a vigilante. He took over the responsibility of what The Joker had done. He doesn't want the public to know that Harvey had fallen into the dark side, thus changing the situation as if Harvey had died in honour. Remember "Either you died as a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".
If you are not well aware of the box-office numbers, here is it, based on ticket sales and box-office records from USA and Canada (known as Domestic Box Office).

DAY 1 (OPENING DAY) - US$ 67,165,092
(Rec: Opening Day, Opening Midnight, IMAX Opening, First Day, Friday Gross)
DAY 2 - US$ 47,650,240
(Rec: Fastest to US$ 100M)
DAY 3 - US$ 43,596,151
TOTAL FOR 3 DAYS - US$ 158,411,483
(Rec: Sunday Gross, 3-Day Opening, Opening Weekend)
DAY 4 - US$ 24,493,313
(Rec: Monday Gross)
DAY 5 - US$ 20,868,772
TOTAL FOR 5 DAYS - US$ 203,773,518
(Rec: Fastest to US$ 200M)
DAY 6 - US$ 18,377,288
DAY 7 - US$ 16,464,405
TOTAL FOR 7 DAYS - US$ 238,615,211
(Rec: Opening Week)
DAY 8 - US$ 23,232,292
DAY 9 - US$ 28,272,494
DAY 10 - US$ 23,661,680
TOTAL FOR 10 DAYS - US$ 313,781,677
(Rec: 2nd Weekend Gross, Fastest to US$ 3ooM)
DAY 11 - US$ 10,518,116
DAY 12 - US$9,629,366
DAY 13 - US$ 8,755,141
DAY 14 - US$ 8,402,546
TOTAL FOR 14 DAYS - US$ 351,086,846
(Rec: 2nd Week Gross)
DAY 15 - US$ 12,709,035
DAY 16 - US$ 17,191,150
DAY 17 - US$ 12,764,034
TOTAL FOR 17 DAYS - US$ 393,751,065
(Rec: Highest Gross for each day in count)
DAY 18 - ?

In 17 days, The Dark Knight made almost US$ 400M, while the record all-time holder, Titanic made US$ 157M. But don't be too excited!! Titanic held on the box office so well that in the end, it grossed US$ 604M, 4 times than its 17 days total. Looking at the pace of The Dark Knight, its 17 days total is just about 75% of what it will get, as compared with The Bourne Ultimatum and The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Chest figures. That will bring The Dark Knight at US$520M - number 2!!

The Dark Knight success on the box office can be made possible when:
  • Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker making one of his best career role
  • Heath Ledger's death himself
  • Christopher Nolan's credibility as director and screenwriter
  • The anticipation for better Batman franchise materialise
  • Good storyline, good word-of-mouth and good positive review
  • Assembly of good casts
  • Possible Oscar nominations
So, that's all for The Dark Knight for now. I do hope it can topple Titanic but it seems impossible to do so, since the pinnacle of the mountain is too steep for any movie. Perhaps, second place is what it seems likely to occur. Good luck and congratulations to the team that had make history, the team that made The Dark Knight something memorable.


foongpc said...

I doubt Dark Knight can topple Titanic because Titanic have crazy fans that watched it countless of times! I'll be surprised if Dark Knight manage to do so!

pris said...

i wanna ask..until wen do u think Dark Knight will be in local cinemas? coz me wanna watch again...=P

foongpc said...

Oops! I was wrong! Dark Knight has surpassed the Titanic in terms of worldwide revenue!

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