Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Malaysia's Hope For A Medal Vanish!!

Olympic has entered its fouth day today and no surprise that Malaysia remains medal-less. No doubt that disappointment are all over the Malaysian camp when the archer team of trio failed to qualify for the semi-final which had been a good hope to hover at least a bronze. Bronze is the medal at least so close on the sight, yet the hope just dashed away like that. In the opening rounds, the Malaysian trio ranked third - a good indicator that broze medal is at least achievable.

The Malaysian trio came up as a surprise since they were the debutant in the field of largely experienced world teams like South Korea, Italy and Ukraine. Been the top four teams, Malaysia was one of the four which get bye to enter quarter final, where they were awaiting the outcome of Italy - Canada scraps. In the quarter-final of men's team trio however, Malaysia lost 213-218 to the Italian. Narrowly missed out, the stake for the precious debutant bronze medal was actually achievable but yet it just crashed and the dreams dashed away. If ever they won the game, they may have qualify to semi-final and another win will sails them to the final with likely to face the champion South Korea. Then, silver is the best finish ever. But yet dreams and high hopes crashed!!
In another note, the badminton made some high tune for a medal at least with Lee Chong Wei and Wong Choon Hann advanced to the next round. LCW beat the tricky Ronald Susilo (21-13, 21-14) while WCH outperformed the reigning Olympic gold medalist Taufik Hidayat. Up next, LCW will face Sony Dwi-Kuncoro in poised to be a clash in the quarter-final, while WCH will face a rather relatively easier opponent. The pair or men's double will start tomorrow with Choong Tan Fook - Lee Wan Wah (CTF-LWW) and Koo Kien Keat - Tan Boon Heong (KKK-TBH) will ensure a berth in the quarter-finals as well.
**Sigh** Nothing else I can say. If only squash and tenpin bowling are actually an Olympic event, Malaysia should have won a several medals - not to mention GOLD MEDAL!! Good luck Malaysia!!

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