Sunday, October 19, 2008


It is that time of the year again. October 20th, Monday and it is almost that day now which indicates a new weekday is going to begin. another counting down of 5 days for the next weekend. Anyway, that is not reason i want to write up this post, rattling and rumbling on something about weekdays. I seldom and in fact I don't usually do this but I decided to do so anywhere. A birthday wish to someone out there!! I think the first time I did was back in September, oh yes! That time it was Renee's, so that's make this one the second one.

October 20 is Apple's birthday. Happy Birthday Apple..I'm sorry I will not be there with you to celebrate the special day but I just want to let you know that how happy am I for you. A year older, a new year ahead. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY APPLE!!

I initially thought of putting one of yours pictures I saved before but I guess not unless I got your permission.

On the random matters, I have watched these few series over the short weekend (Saturday's afternoon till
The first 4 episodes of FRINGE
The first 7 episodes of PRISON BREAK Season 4
The first 3 episodes of HEROES Season 3
The pilot episode of LIFE ON MARS

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