Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Malaysia: Land of Froggies

It's been ages I wrote anything political to challenge my mentality and it is really hard to do so. 

I guess from today onwards, we should be proud that Malaysia is a nation with the most frogs in the world. Not the amphibians I'm afraid. These frogs can simply leap here and there. When things like these can turn ugly, they leave a pool of dungs on both side. This is what we can visualize by labelling them 'froggies' as they can jump-boarding where ever they want. Been a free country but low in intelligence, this is Malaysia, welcome to the land of 'froggies'.

I personally disagree with those elected representatives been ignorant to the voters who voted them by leap-frogging sides. Before the election, they proudly claimed they were the deserved one, promising they will do what ever their best for the people they are representing. However, when they won the election, they behave above any God. For personal gain, they will move to the other party. Been ignorant and irresponsible to those whom voted for them. Mind you, people voted for the candidates based on political ideology not whether you are some famous figure or not.

Enough of the methaphor, back to the business. The frogs that I mentioned are actually refering to the four Perak State Assemblymen whom jump-ship from Pakatan Rakyat (People's Alliance) to Barisan Nasional hours ago. The four are Behrang's Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Changkat Jering's Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, Jelapang's Hee Yit Foong and recently defected Bota's Nasarudin Hashim. The defections occur again in what we the Malaysians are hoping for a push towards a liberal and democratic politic scenario. However, the hopes that the oppositions hope for had backfired them dearly.

The chaotic situation in Perak today is not something new. Let's turn our attention to what had happened 15 years ago when the same 'froggie' issue occured in Sabah. In 1994, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) won the state election, thus retaining the power in Sabah. However, they only grabbed 25 out of 48 state seats which can be vital as things can changed if 1 or 2 jump aboard. At the same time, UMNO is trying to penetrate its wing into Sabah. The froggie issue materialize 3 weeks later following massive exodus of the PBS assemblymen to leap into BN, thus increasing the power the UMNO had where many had joined UMNO back then.

Last year during the 2008 General Election, the Malaysians seen a great tides of tsunami that had changed the political landscape. The ruling BN lost its two-third majority, while the oppositions led by PKR, DAP and PAS gained much grounds. The momentum continues when PR won the previously held 2 by-elections. As it stands today, BN has 137 in parliament, PR (with PSM) has 82 while independences have 3. However, the PR's momentum in Malaysia politics were halted when the Perak PR-led government was on verge of collapse.

As of 6pm, it was assured that the BN will now lead the Perak state if it is confirm that BN now have 31 to 28 PR state seats from previous 28-31. Leap-frog as this is called, they are fortunate for there is no law that forbids one from doing so. Maybe it is fated, PR cannot last long if BN is still in power. I think their next step is to reclaim Kedah back or even Selangor.

Whatever the situation is, with the issues hanged in balance between BN and PR, the best solution is to submit the power back into the Perakian voters. Although this is the realistic approaches, things are not likely to be done. There is no way a fresh election will be called because of several reasons; the royal family may get threats if calls for fresh election was made, the majority will always win, PR entities are treated seperately while all BN components are considered one and the imminent 'froggies' around. The peoples' voice will be back in the next general election. Till then, PR - learn from what had happened in Sabah 15 years ago.

I HATE FROGGIES LEAPING, SERIOUSLY. They are the traitors of the voters. I guess I'm not the only one who shared the opinion about how annoying the 'froggies' are.


Harmony said...

Woah, never knew politics can be so easy to jump here and there.

Cher Linn Tang said...

And the result from GE (voted by ENTIRE state) can be over-ruled by just a few person's decision to jump. GE is like, SOO important OMG! *roll eyes*

And it's not about us siding who is a better government now, but it's about after forming the government, whoever they are, they should stick to it and quickly get people's life back on track!

littlecicak said...

They should really look into the 'anti-hopping' law by now.

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