Friday, April 10, 2009


Is 'Syiok Sendiri" known as self-gratification in English?
I'm not sure, but this is the day I find myself been so bored and lame.

Some Preview of what will happen soon!!
Come on, I pay RM100 for this thing...

Is not everyone in Malaysia is always "Syiok Sendiri"?
Welcome to Bolehland!!! The land of Never-ending Syiok Sendiri

Mr. PM, please lead the team of the "Syiok Sendiri" cabinet to serve our people right yeah!!
I hate to say this but please no "Syiok Sendiri"!!

Today, he lead a bunch of 27 full ministers (including himself 28) and another 40 deputies to sworn in, held by confidential and work bound secrecy oath in front of the monarch. It's a time to start work guys!!! Or else, if you don't please prepare a butt to be kicked soon!!

Well, if I "syiok sendiri" its my PROBLEM...If other peoples "syiok sendiri" also are my PROBLEMS...

Since it's my PROBLEM all the time, let me summon him...

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renaye said...

part three is coming up? yay?

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