Friday, December 04, 2009


The internet connection is a holy grail when we are talking about how fast the connectivity and surfing experience is. What is the use when you have an internet router service but you find it so frustrating when the speed you pay for is not even match in what you were told. 2Mbps as promised by the provider turned out in real life is only 2kbps. Frustrating? Yes indeed.

The faster the connection is, the more enjoyment in surfing the world wide web is, or the faster files travel across the user and recipients, or even the faster a file is downloaded. Well at least that is the stuffs we ever keep imagining that someday that will happen. In Malaysia however, we rarely enjoy a real "fast" internet connection. Call us the first world country with third world mentality and facilities.

Of course nevertheless, we have so much failed advertisements around us. Heartache but true, a slow internet connection can make a country less attractive. Foreign investors knew how dreadful our internet line is till they made this comment.

First we have the POTONG SAGA (not so related though)

Then we have the POTONG ads by P1

Now, you have the WHY POTONG ads by TMNet to counter the POTONG P1 Wimax ads

Regardless which site you are choosing, the losers are still you and the winners are still them. Why we are still listening to their crap when in the end of the day, they don't give you what they promised?

P1 Wimax has a higher speed than Streamyx but the connection is really unstable, so people said. Test running on P1 (I am writing this post while surfing Facebook, Tweet Deck and watching Zombieland online), I have to say that this is fairly stable. Probably P1 trying to lure me in by giving me a stable line. However according to the owner of the P1 set, things can be pretty ugly as well on time. The red lights on one of the LED indicator can be very annoying. When it is red, it is disconnected. Say I am lucky or what!? As far as I can see, the lights are still blipping blue.

TM Net unveiled their so called fastest ever, most coverage and most stable. Streamyx of course is nothing but a slow-speed yet fairly stable internet connection at least what people said. Test running on TM Net, I have to say it is as bad as you can imagine off. The line is actually fluctuate; in terms of speed or stability. When you download, it can get very frustrating because the ETA timer says 99 hours to go. The worst, the so called fast connection becomes slow due to bandwidth. In the end, you got no value.

In the nutshell, P1 Wimax may still have the edge over TM Net Streamyx. Claimed the fastest or what ever to poison our mind. The facts will remain the facts. When you have both, you do not actually have much choices to choose for.
According to the international web server testing site, placed Malaysia pathetically at number 87 for its download speed and disastrous number 79 in upload speed.

South Korea has the highest download speed in the world with 22.59 Mbps (average value of course), while Malaysia only has 1/11 of their speed. If downloading a movie file with 120 kbps is consider fast for us, try times 11 of that - 1.32 Mbps.

So, when they announced that the lucky Malaysian will get a "true" high speed broadband connection in the next 7 years, which will be monopoly by TM Net, you know they are just a bunch of cuckoos and greedy people.

Too bad that we as the Malaysian consumer can't have their complaint getting fixed. The reason when you dialed 100 and no one really cares about your complaints is relatively understandable. Who cares about you when they have already monopoly everything.


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Malaysia's are nowhere near..when other countries are reaching the 100mpbs speed, i think we're only gonna reach 20mpbs..what to do..corrupted ppl..

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