Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last week, I made a long and tiring journey to one of the city outskirt area - popular but hardly accessible. No ordinary bus can reach that place - thus walking and cab are the only options. All of these tireless efforts paid off well for one little prize that I have won from Sony Music Malaysia. Yes, everyone know how Iron Man 2 has been around for the past three weeks or so.

doodle.png  on Aviarydoodle.png on Aviary.

The prize that I won from Sony's Twitter contest was Iron Man 2 Soundtrack by AC/DC. Who AC/DC? They were the biggest rock alternative band coming from Down Under, with music spanning for almost 4 decades. The soundtrack enlisted 15 AC/DC songs - including 1981's Shoot To Thrill, 1979's Highway To Hell and 13 other tracks that you may not have listened even a glimpse during the movie.

So far, the soundtrack has sold more than 527,000 copies worldwide. The album enlists all the greatest hits and lesser known singles by the group. I don't think the fans will appreciate buying another album that has the old songs because there is no new singles or songs listed in the soundtrack. Otherwise, I have no doubt that some will be in full force and a must have album as well.

Anyway, thanks to Sony Music and also to Kel Li. Nice to see you anyway.