Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After a neck-to-neck season, finally Chelsea was crowned the new holder for the Barclays Premier League. It has not been an easy, nor a straightforward season. The fact that Chelsea won the title with a mere solitary point is enough to explain and immaculate the season. No more one horse racing, but this time a two horse-racing. In fact Arsenal was still a front runner (that's three horse racing) up to their sudden collapse late last month.

With the Chelsea's win, they ended Manchester United's hope to retain the title after unprecedented three seasons win in a row, hoping to clinch their 19th to leapfrog Liverpool on the record book. Yes, Chelsea has won while Manchester united have to settle for a point behind on second. Truly, Chelsea deserves the title for been magnificent on this season. Their last 4 or 5 wins have been chalked up by a huge margin of goals spree. The hammering of Wigan by 8 goals at home Stamford Bridge proved that they can score big - something that have been lacking for the Old Trafford's side.

Nevertheless, I have been enjoying this season so much and I am excited to see how things will be different for the next season. The 2009/2010 season has been more than a wreckage of dreams and desires for many (particularly Liverpool or Everton or Portsmouth - dealing with numerous problems and struggles). The season has been a nail-biting, neck-to-neck battle - with almost five or six teams have been on top of the table throughout the season. More dramas, more unsatisfactory towards the referees should be a concern too, why not. Controversies are everywhere but the spirit of sportsmanship prevails.

Rather been disappointed, I have to say that the dismay season for Manchester United may not be long. Over the years, they continue to perform with dominance in style on the English and European soils. Probably, it is a wake up call - something need to be done to correct the agonizing current player structures or the current instable week-to-week performances. Horse race is over, but the fans of football (or soccer in some country) will continue to cheer for more excitement, with World Cup is scheduled exactly a month from now. What can you ask for more?