Saturday, May 01, 2010


Hello, this is Day One for the Blogathon Word Count. I have no idea why I ended up joining it but I was rest assured that this is going to be fun. Despite the fact that I have never been blogging so constantly over these few months, I have put myself a challenge, a real tough task to buckle up with the demand for creating one post one day now. One post per day? I used to have one post a week once!

So flexing my muscles and squeezing my brain now!

Summer is inching close. Okay, let's be assured that we in Malaysia do not have summer season because we are blessed with sunshine and rain daily. Blessed or not, there are times when the sun really makes thing so scorching hot. Oh my God, I feel melting now! Fear not! Starbucks Malaysia has introduced a new beverage – a seasonal theme of course.

As we are heading to the heat summer, let us quench our thirst with the new flavor Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino® Blended Cream. I have to say that the new beverage is sweet, filled with the aroma and smells of strawberries, perhaps with some vanilla in it too. As a cream-based beverage, it should goes down well with those who are frenzy with the Frapps. Oops, that could have been the whipped cream taste though!

Also available in the stores nationwide is the coffee-based Espresso and Cream Frappuccino ®. Brewed from the best coffee beans available, then the extract of the espresso is what makes this excellent. Optionally, you can have chocolate chips poured atop too. Simply delicious and brewsome!

For both products, you can purchased them at any Starbucks store nationwide for a price of MYR14 (Tall), MYR15 (Grande) and MYR16 (Venti). Yummy!!