Monday, May 17, 2010


Oh God, I almost missed out today's entry into the Blogathon Word Count Challenge. So far so good, as I am heading to Day 17 now, means 17 posts over the last 17 days. I am a bit worried because I do not have guest blog for tomorrow but I guess life's has been very busy. I have limited time to explore much of the rest of fields.

Wondering what had been stopping me from doing so?

Pretty easy. I was busy with my template alteration for the movie blog. Yes, for those who do not know this; I have another blog at The blog called GREEN TEA MOVIE!! is of course my movie blog which I have been operated for the last two years.

Jobs done after hours and hours of re-composure and tweaking a lot of codes. HTML codes are not my expertise - but thank God I have the internet to assist me. I mean like going to other websites to learn about tweaking is a challenge but also fun. Here is my final layout:

doodle.png  on Aviary
doodle.png on Aviary.

From time to time, please visit GREEN TEA MOVIE!! too.