Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was ten-year-old when the first Toy Story came out. It has two of my favourite characters of all time where Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were behind the voice duty. For what I can say, both would eventually be the two iconic heroes for the bunch of toys from Andy's closet. Hanks voiced Woody, an old-fashioned cowboy pull-string toy while Allen voiced the space figure Buzz Lightyear. It was pleasing to watch them fighting each other while both saying "This no time to panic. This is the perfect time to panic!"

Alas, those were 15 years ago and oh boy, how much we missed them now! Fear not, the gangs of Andy's toys are back for the third adventure. Toy Story 3 will be released next month (precisely June 17 in Malaysia) and you have the chance to catch them in 3D too.

However, this time, they have a problem. They worried what days lie ahead if Andy (who is now 18) is going for his college studies. Uncertain about the future is not a pleasing feeling at all. Andy's mom by accident has thrown out the toys (except Woody who Andy has put him in his college box). The other toys are shipped to Sunnyside Day Care, where they meet some new friends. It turns out their new friends are not as friendly as they thought, and the bratty toddlers at the Day care are not as sweet as they seem. The toys must now work together to go back home, soon after realizing that Andy is searching for them too.

New adventure will always mean new characters. The same goes to the third one though. Here are some of the new characters that will be featured for the third one.

Otherwise, I personally like Lotso-o'-Huggin' Bear or otherwise also known as Lotso. Lotso is a pink plush teddy bear with a purple nose, a walking cane and a sweet strawberry scent. Although some may already knew that Lotso is kind of an antagonist in the film and serves as like the leader and Mafia boss of the toys at Daycare Center, Lotso is still a fatherly figure. I am pretty sure he is hugable and very soft to plush.

I have one of my own too and I was left wondering if they have some relative-in-ties or not.

Anyway, I will continue to countdown to the releasing week of Toy Story 3. Watching the whole Toy Story series really defines the moment of how being a kid is so enjoyable and I believe the third one will be the same too. For Nuffnangers eager to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D for free, go to this page and all your doubts will be answered.