Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Just finish watching the NEW VIDEO by Lady Gaga....Alejandro

What I think?

As always, Lady Gaga is smacking smoky hot and weird at the same time. The only reason we love Lady Gaga is that she perfectly blend those elements well. Weird and stylish because of her outfits are once again AMAZING! But I still thought that Bad Romance still have the most amazing extravaganza of her fashion display. And once again, I doubt it will make any decent passing that would pleased any censorship board, particularly watching lady gaga's videos in Malaysian tubes has never been less annoying with slow-mo and cuts! You little monsters should be happy because I posted this thing like only 12 minutes after the official release at 12 AM Malaysian Time or 8PM Pacific Time in US.


Here is the new video..EXCLUSIVE...Lady Gaga...Alejandro