Thursday, June 17, 2010




Sony Music has become one of the major industry player in terms of producing high-quality musics and in recognizing crops of talented musician around the world. Since its first inception in 1929, the music and entertainment wing of the giant-conglomerate Sony is today's one of the most recognized brand in the market. The artistes under Sony Music sell millions of records and hundreds of hit singles each year. Many of their familiar names you have constantly heard from the radio or seen from MTV. Today, Sony Music represents the richest in musical flavours, cultures and nationalities. To make life the best of all, Malaysians are proud to have Sony Music Malaysia, of course, our very own local branch of the Sony Music.



With technology helping people to get closer to another people, the usage of internet and social media networking are some of the useful and most benificial tools of communication nowadays. Sony Music Malaysia is smart in taking an innovative way by equipping themselves with these holy grail of technology invention to spread all out to the people out there. They have their own Facebook page and they also have their own Twitter account too. Internet junkies would love that and equally, the music jukeboxers would love it too!

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Although it is increasingly common for Facebookers to have their own personal profiles and fanpage, this one by Sony Music Malaysia is purely different. How and why does it different?

PhotobucketThey really interact to their members. Ask whatever you want and make a shout out to them, they would love to answer all kinds of inquiries, doubts and what's not! Would you feel glad to actually have someone that cares about you at most of the time?

PhotobucketThey have everything on the latest about the artistes (under Sony Music, of course); from the premier of new music videos to the upcoming performances scheduled in Malaysia. I'm sure many would have enjoy the new crispy songs by Christina Aguilera, right? All thanks to Sony Music for informing!

PhotobucketThey have plenty of stuffs to give away and they are not limited to CDs only. Participate on any mini-contest on any given time, chances are that you may walk away with fascinating prizes like CDs, artist premiums, movie passes, movie premiums, showcase passes (and maybe, just maybe; concert tickets in the future!).


PhotobucketIn case you have been living under the coconut shell for quite sometimes, there is a LIKE button on th Facebook page for you to click. A click away is all you need and instantly, you are a member of the fanpage!

Oh, if you still don't know how to search for "Sony Music Malaysia" on Facebook, fret not, go to internet broswer and start to type I'm sure you will see the LIKE button. (I can't print screen the button here cause I'm already a member, I like!)



Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, I did won something from Sony Music Malaysia before - a CD soundtrack of Iron Man 2 featuring AC/DC. Well, you can read that at here. It's been a month now and I still love that album - the whole fondest memory I have (very limited though) about AC/DC was relieved!


In case you are a fan of Christina Aguilera, David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, Boys Like Girls, Amy Mastura, Glee, Rainie Yang, Cinta Laura or just anybody you can named it from Sony Music, this could be your opportunity. Join SONY MUSIC MALAYSIA now and you can join 3,579 members there. What's more, you may stand a chance to win stuffs, just like me and any other who have won it too. CHANCES ARE ALWAYS THERE, GO GRAB IT.

Banner v1.02.egg  on Aviary
Banner v1.02.egg on Aviary.

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How about a game? Recognize any of those Sony Music artists in the picture above? Go figure out.