Sunday, June 05, 2011


QUESTION: Do you think it is logic to 'SELL' your movie premiere screening ticket to somebody else considering that you are not intended of attending it? Do you know it is free stuffs that deemed unsuitable for such misdemeanor or because just want to earn that extra cash from such act? Can anyone imagined the person who bought the ticket from someone happened to realize that he/she is the only person who have to pay for the screening?

So, almost everyone got their premiere screening movie via contest or giveout on social media or newspaper, right? The whole reason about the existence of premiere screening is to allow the movie distributors to screen a movie to a handful of public audience beforehand; to allow words-of-mouth of a movie been spread after they have watched it. I can rest assured you no one have to pay a single cent for such screening because it is a marketing strategy by distributors to check on the level of anticipation and market potential based on the attendees' reactions. For those who does not know why we have tonnes of movie screening every week, this is indeed the reason.

Apparently there is this person trying to sell off her Hoodwinked Too premier screening (I assumed it's on next Monday or Tuesday) for RM10 a piece on Twitter via FongFeiKei. I'm kind of surprised because no one actually buy a movie screening ticket! Yes, some of you may have watched that movie in another premier screening few weeks ago so you might argue the validity of next week's screening.

For those who not aware, the movie distributor planned to release the movie back in the early of May. That explains the one screening that was held back at the end of April. One of our friend, Isaac Tan has watched it. Unfortunately enough because due to some problems, the release of the movie was delayed until its confirmation for release next week. To compensate, I believe that the distributor is doing another round of premiere screening and chances are that - you have won it recently from Nuffnang, right?

So I asked her nicely why you wanna sell it cause it is supposedly free?
She replied me by tweeting "'premiere' means 'a first public performance' according to, 'premiere' doesn't mean free LOL"

I asked her again, how she got the tickets - free or she bought it.
She answered "of course free la"

Next thing is she angrily tweeted "check the facts about premier screening before I asked her this" - of course she didn't mentioned me, but I know it means me anyway.
One of my friend jumped into the wagon by tweeting "We know your purpose,got it free and make $$,so good luck to u". He knew that premiere screening is not for sale, nor does it deemed exchangeable for cash!

He then continued by tweeting "If premiere have red carpet or premiere for charity is different story,she should know the premiere culture in Malaysia"

The biggest plunder of all that I thought worth mentioning is - this person who is trying to sell of her premiere tickets is actually a blogger serving for Nuffnang. I saw her on Innit Chat box quite frequent last time, doing the quite normal routine by spamming all the way to the core! The thing is I do not think it is necessary to say who is she, nor this post is intended for her act. Yes, you have been reading my squibbing about this issue but what is the morale of the story in the end of the day?

THE MORALE OF THE STORY - "A blogger is also a human. That goes to mean that a blogger, like a human, has integrity. Does the race to achieve something in the blogosphere makes one simply to take advantage from a certain circumstances just for your sole benefits? So to say, are bloggers doing it simply just for fame, glory and wealth, even it involves some other forms of dirty tricks?" You are now asking for RM10 a piece from something that i thought would be more wonderful to give to someone who deserved to watch the movie more if you do not like it. You are now asking for RM10 a piece from something that i thought is free and deemed "not exchangeable for cash" items. To be honest, if I have a chance, I am willing to give away my screening ticket even if it is a bunch of school kids or probably even some orphans if in case I decided not to attend the screening.

Before I turned myself into another Vince Philosophy, I think I shall stop. Now, you decide!