Thursday, February 23, 2012

DiGi Android: Tomorrow Network

Few days weeks ago, you may have read that the whole house of Green Tea World erupted into the 'thunderous cheers and sarcastic rages of the memes'. Yes, everyone is so keen of having Android device into their hand. Great! Let's start a revolution! Let's get people the real attentions about the Android! Spread the word, spread the jagger moves.

For years, we have been a vivid fan of Android so the term Fandroid suits us.You know by now that the DiGi and Nuffnang has throw in a grandiose opportunity to score yourself some great invites to the Fandroid Day workshop that will be happening next week. The workshop will come exclusively with some introduction of DiGi's next big thing termed 'Tomorrow Network' and the first insight-depth-feature on Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the Android version 4.0 to the attendee. Read more here.

Heck yes, Green Tea World will be proud to join it (if am selected of course). Otherwise, here's something special for DiGi and Nuffnang to enjoy.