Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Imagine this…

What would your 3D world would be with LG Optimus 3D?

Any answer is accepted, really. However, I'm sure that out of the little cliché when we talk about 3D, we always picture the following scenario. Le you are wearing that 3D glass, holding that bucket of caramel-flavored popcorn and with that exciting feeling, walking into the cinema hall to catch that 3D movie. That kind of feeling feels exactly like this....

Okay, that LG Optimus 3D is indeed a catchy phrase that will instantly makes you draw a convenient reference to this.

What if I tell you that is not all about it?


As we have known it, 3D is a form of projection view that combines three different dimensions of height, width and depth into our perspective. In industry, it refers to the imaging technique that creates or enhances the illusion of depth in an image by offering two offset images separately to the left and right eyes. Okay, so much for the technicality but then, how does LG Optimus 3D fit into my world?

Over the past weeks, I was heavily involved in this student symposium that aims to raise awareness in regards to global climate changes among the chemical engineering students nationwide. We are currently in the planning phase to draw out brain juice for some effective idea and thoughts ahead of the symposium in December. This year's symposium will carry the theme CLIMATE REVOLUTION which seems timely as we are now experiencing the global climate change and in the greatest humanitarian efforts to tackle this. Here is our (unfinished) blog that you can check out in the future. With the help of LG Optimus 3D, it becomes apparent that this great device would be an useful to capture our thoughts. Here's why?


I have an idea of going out to the world to capture the moment of life. In an effort to change the mentality, I would not be easy but it is not impossible. For once, all these years since we began to chase that fool’s gold with rapid industrialization and ‘raping’ our Mother Earth for its resources, we begin to realize the dreadful truth.

Sadly but true, now all that I can see with my world is all about destruction. THIS IS WHAT MY WORLD WOULD BE WITHOUT LG OPTIMUS 3D….

With LG Optimus Prime 3D, I am hoping that I can utilize its magnificent 3D-fueled camera to capture and to shoot my documentary that I have planned. Documentary in 3D? YES, you heard me right.

The documentary, if planned and shot well will be a powerful medium to empower our message to the global citizen. I already have all the necessary idea in place right now, just the execution is far within our reach.

So, look at around you! See the height of the problem? See the depth of the problem? Think of the width solutions yet? Then, let’s capture the REALITY and TRUTH about our ailing earth. Let’s capture a 3D documentary video to highlight the uniqueness of the presentation. Let's share it to the world. Let’s make it a viral presentation.

I hope that in the end of the day, this is what I would like to see - THIS IS WHAT MY WORLD WOULD BE WITH LG OPTIMUS 3D

THERE YOU GO WITH MY BEAUTIFUL WORLD AFTER 3D!! LET'S PRAY FOR OUR WORLD.... and for LG OPTIMUS 3D too! Here's more info on LG OPTIMUS 3D. Finally, thank you!!