Monday, April 07, 2008

The Powerful Brain

Brain is an interesting part of our body with capability encroahing beyong our imagination. Ever wonder how the brain can work so efficiently and vital even with thousands of cross-wire conditions happen in a time. Too bad, some people just do not know how to use them properly. Here is few things you need to know about your brain.

Fact 1: Brain uses lesspower than a refrigerator light!!

Brain in a day consumes 12 watt in energy, estimated to be equivalent to 2 bananas. Just imagine this, brain occupies 3% of weight but consumes 16% of our daily body energy, yet- less than a refrigerator bulb.

Fact 2 : Frequent jet lag can damage memory

Frequent traveler who crosses multiple time zone are known to release stress hormones that can interfere the temporal lobes and memory centre.

Fact 3 : Shoo-em-up video games help you to multi-task

That's why I always play Time Crisis 4, House Of The Dead 4 and Silent Hill: The Arcade

Fact 4 : Sunlight makes you to sneeze

Ask the pathway triggered at the lateral medulla of the brainstem, I'm sure he can answer you. Trust me, some say orgasm also can cause sneezing!!

Fact 5 : Remember those song lyrics help

Is like remembering and recall sequences and it helps you recall an event. Useful if you drives a lot around those corners and junctions, fopr the sake of remembering your way.

Fact 6: You can't hear the phone conversation in a noisy room

That's because all the sound are centred and mixed as a single source. Now close your mouthpiece to talk next time, or all these while.

Fact 7 : Altitude makes brain see strange visions

Remember the story of Moses at Mount Sinai? At an altitude of 2400 metres and above, acute mountain sickness is common, and believe me, do not trust anything you see!!

Fact 8 : Yawn wakes the brain up!!

Yawns are good. Even if the teacher may scold you, reason them for yawning brings more oxygen to your brain.

Fact 9 : Brain has a joke centre

Humour and joke cannot be created instantly. They need training!!

Fact 10 : You can't tickle yourself.

Whether is awareness or brain-work, try do it and you will never make it for your whole life!!

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