Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Truth About Fat In Diet

I came across this article in the New Sunday Times today that talk about myths in food and fat intake. I think it would be interesting to share with you all especially those who didn't catch a glimpse on the paper today.
The author Roger Dobson has described all-out the hype and myth behind losing those inches of weight in you. (By the way, the picture on the left is a weighting machine)

Fact 1: Men loses weight faster than a women. True

Fact 2: Exercise makes you want to eat more. False

Fact 3: Water helps you to lose weight. True. Drinking an ample of water will suppress your appetite, makes your stomach feels full and lose weight. This has something to do with the fact that not drinking enough water makes the body to think of ways to retent the water inside the body thus harming the kidney functions and retented water will stored in between the cells, showing up as an extra weight.

Fact 4: Running is bad for your knee. False

Fact 5: Diet can't do any harm. False. A common misconception in which study indicates that rapid weight loss of up to 1.5kg a week may pose seious danger of gallstone while extremely low calories will cause abnormal heart rate.

Fact 6: Lemon juice absorbs fat. False. A good Vitamin C but there are no such food in this world that can absorbs fat.

Fact 7: Skipping breakfast will gain weight. True

Fact 8: Low fat means low calories. False. Not really is the case as low fat may accompany with extra dose of sugar.

Fact 9: Starchy food is fattening. False. Only likely to happen if taken in large quantity.

Fact 10: Fat-burning food!! False. Celery has been claimed as one but again, there are no such foods.

Fact 11: High proteins give more muscle growth. False. Popular belief that eating more protein will make you muscular, but in fact more exercise like push-up do.

Fact 12: Weight lifting makes you bulky. False.

Fact 13: No sweat, no weight loss. False. Simple dancing can burn up to 330 calories while simple walking burns up 280 in an hour.

Fact 14: Don't eat late at night. False. Another popular belief which is false.

Fact 15: Slash-and-burn concept of diet don't work. True.

Fact 16: Fad diet works. False. Veggie soupy and low carbohydrate diet works only in initial and don't have permanent effect.

Fact 17. Nuts make you fat. False.
Diet is science and cannot be simply do without proper tips.
Or you may end up in coffin or you may need to buy a new weighting machine.

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