Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When A Stormtrooper Become Suit Subject

You may recognize these peoples. Nope, they are in the suits. Distinctive and recognizable, don't they?

George Lucas is doing again or rather been involved again. In 2006, he won a lawsuit claim over US$ 20 million right against Andrew Ainsworth, a famous British prop designer. Ainsworth, according to Lucas, has violated the trademark and copyrights of the ever famous Stormtrooper by designing and selling the replicas of helmets and armours, which Lucas claimed were made of the original molds.

2 years later, now Ainsworth is countersuing Lucas, claiming the copyrights are rest with him and also seeking for a share in merchandise revenue from the hit "Star Wars" franchise. Nevertheless, Lucas claimed that the design of the Stormtrooper was made by Lucas and his artistic time way back before Ainsworth was hired.

Any extra security the Stormtroopers might provide wasn't sitting well with Judge Anthony Mann, who cast a glance at the silent props standing beside him. "Are they going to stay there for the entire trial?" he asked.

One thing you may not know is that, the origin of the Stormtrooper may have something to do with the name of the German troops which were formed in the last years of the first World War.


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