Friday, April 11, 2008

House Of The Dead 4

House of the dead 4 is a light gun arcade game with the horror theme from famous House of the Dead series developed by Sega. It is an interesting game, trust me!! It is one of my favourite shooting game. Currently, you can find this game in a lot of arcades around KL, Butterworth (may have as well), Genting and many more. I usually played in Berjaya Times Square and it cost RM2 each play. Usually the game play is around 35-50 minutes. It is operated on Sega Lindbergh, a high quality CPU for arcade game.

There are 6 stages to go through. Each will be completed with defeating a certain boss at the end of each stage. The interesting part besides shooting all the monsters, zombies or slugs, you may require some initiatives to look for extra bonus life and grenades. Well, to shoot the zombies, you are given 30 rounds of automated machine guns; reloaded once it run out by shake the gun or shoot outside the screen. You are also be given 3 grenades. Shoot the zombie, score points and look for extra life and grenades. Maximum 5 lifes and 5 grenades are available. Another thing is that you might need to shake the gun to get loose of yourself against the zombies or opening doors.
In assessing yourself, the game will provide you with rank at each stage, calculated via how many combo head shots you have, accuracy and total points. The more combo head shot you have, the greater the point will be and the higher chances you will get a good rank. Accuracy also play a role here where usually more than 60% acceptable. Total points can be gained by killing the zombies (usually 600 in PERFECT head shot to up to 1500 in certain circumstances), extra life when you already have maximum 5 lifes (+1000), extra grenade when you already have maximum 5 grenades (+500), extra coins and bells when you open up the boxes that you can see along the game.

Boss 1 : Justice (Type 0053)

Boss 2 : The Lovers (Type 6805)

Boss 3: The Empress (Type 1210)

Boss 4: Temperance (Type 0483)

Boss 5: The Star (Type 0001)

Boss 6: The World (Type beta)

Interestingly, all the enemy bosses in this series are based on the Tarot Cards. Well, other notable bosses in other House of the dead series include:

The Chariot (Type 27)

The Hangedman (Type 41)

The Hermit (Type 6803)

The Magician (Type 0)

Judgement (Type 28)

The Hierophant (Type B 05)

The Tower (Type 8000)

Strength (Type 205)

The Emperor (Type alpha)

Death (Type 0011)

The Fool (Type 0028)

The Sun (Type 8830)

The Wheel Of Fate (Type 0000)


acura said...

I rmbr playing HOTD 1 n 2 on my computer. Looks like u spend lots of time at the arcade le hehe

horizon said...

Wow! In order to play that far, you must've spent alot of time at the arcades, like what acura said. :) I've played Typing of the Dead instead

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