Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indy The Fourth

Dr Jones, Jones...Wake up now!!!

When Indiana Jones number four was announced, I was anticipating for it even since. When they say they are gonna have Shia (as a Waikiki dude from Transformers) in it, I was surprisingly get enthusiastic due to the recent Disturbia and Transformers hype thing. So, here is he along with our beloved Dr Jones.
It was great to be back in KK just in time for the movie. Apparently, one of the earliest in the world to watch it some more. That was awesome anyway!! But watching at Growball may not be the best thing considering the fact that GSC One Borneo is not yet open. Oh great!! No choice though.

Let me read your mind, what are you thinking!!!


Run like an old grandpa while still kicking ass

So my friend, Indiana Jones have been an awesome phenomenon all this while, indeed. Who can forget how smart he is when he talks about survival skills, archaeologist things and many others. It started when our beloved Dr Jones been "abducted" by a not so surprising a group of Soviet Union army under the darling dolly colonel villains. It's Cate Blanchett baby!! So indeed he was ordered to find a crystal skull.

How to find it you ask? Simple, find a magnetic stuff and it will stuck to the skull, haha. I wish this concept is applied when we study stuffs before exam, I hope.

Here it is? Where's the skull?

Then he had to admit that he is old while trying to escape the army. So, as always he managed to run away and was met with this Shia dude, a greaser, who turned to him after his idol mentor was captured while discovering the Crystal Skull. Also, Shia's mom also been captured. By who? Of course is the Iron Lady. Oh, I forgot to mention that she is good with physic. So indeed they embark in an adventure in Peru, started with Nazca lines, then to this grave-digger or grave-robber job, met with this I don't really understand-why-the-hell got such indigenous people living in a grave and act weird some more.

He is shooting my tyre, damn!!!
The power of Crystal Skull are awesome. Whoever place back the only skull which have been lost for ages will be granted special power. Ah forget about that!! Now they found a Crystal Skull (The Holy Grail of the Amazon) hmmm... awkward incident and when they move out, of course the Iron Lady is there on the doorstep waiting for them. Captured and was brought to met Shia's idol and mom. Jeng Jeng Jeng....Shia's mom is Indy's love. So it revealed that Shia is Dr. Jones' son. Awkward again!!!

So they find the Skull again with more car chasing here and there. And big ants!! And found their way to the place where the Skull belongs!!


Err...I think it is enough, you should watch it yourself then, haha

Let me conclude, the ride of Dr Jones has always been this great. With Shia factor in it and interesting plot line, I have to say that it's nice!!! Okie dockie!!!


acura said...

Shia is very funny, I like dat guy. But I don't get the ending of the movie though. Doesn't make much sense *shakes head*

BernardC said...

Alien in the making dude. Tat's how u get those crystal skull i guess. Haha

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