Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Joy Of Two Winners

Wednesday night, Thursday morning in Malaysia. Surprise surprise!! Today we have two winners, different in the field they are in, different piece of trashing of their opponents. What a day to celebrate by making sure people really know what really happen.
American Idol Season 7 had just concluded its finale and guess what!! everyone' favourite rocker, David Cook won. Oh, I'm sure a lot of people are jumping up and down now. Who not? He is simply one of the best and natural talent the competition had ever had all these years. His own renduition of many different songs and the uniqueness he brought to the show was outstanding, no doubt the real champ is in him. David Cook beat another David, an equally outstanding David Archuleta, groom himself as a ballad king and boyish-look. Credits to both and I have been looking on these two since day one. They are good and have own speciality, building up their own fan base, stronger each day. But the champion are only one. David Cook won by 12 million of votes, a big margin but the total votes both David bring in were a record 93.5 million. I see it somewhere between 53 to 41 millions of votes.

In another world, across the Atlantic in Moscow, Manchester United dashed aside Chelsea dream for maiden European conquest. Wet-soaked people!! Heart stopping finish. 1-1 after normal time, thanks to Ronaldo 42th goal of the season in the early part of the game, equalized by Frank Lampard before the half time, again i have to say Chelsea always lucky at last minute of the half when they are against Manchester United. Then the game turns out to be exciting and more thrilling but still in deadlock after 90 and 120 minutes (extratime). Oh, red card for the stupid Drog anyway. Penalty shootout, I can't believe I'm watching at it. Too tense the atmosphere is when the penalty shootout, hopes turn here and there where once fiailed to convert can be dangerous to their own side. Terry slipped, a relief. Then, van der Sar saved the drive by Anelka. No mistake, 6-5 for Man U. Again luck, determination and great football, a deserved win for Man U.

This championship, following titles in 1968 and 1999, came in the 50th anniversary year of the plane crash that killed eight United players in Munich, Germany.


acura said...


What a dramatic match. Can get heart attack just by watching. So emotionally draining....but worth every second of it

We are champions of England & Europe!

BernardC said...

Even my friends who are Chelsea claimed that he can fainted if watch penalty shootout like that...So dramatic.

Yeah, Man U is the best, they have advantage in luck, skills, more shot-ON-TARGET, no RED CARD, more possession...what else, Thanks to Terry and Anelka!!

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