Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Blockbuster #3

Ah, here it goes again. Another RM2 bus ticket ride on U41. Not going to Sg. Long but goes to the Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan again. This time let's watch Narnia 2. Oh, I watched it already, sorry!!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Before that, let's look at last week box office champ:
Malaysia 2nd week US$ 609,942 (total US$ 2,671,808 = RM 8,523,067 est.)
US 2nd week US$ 51,190,629 (total US$ 177,825,024)
Malaysia opening US$ 202,819
US opening US$ 18,561,337

So, Iron Man continues to talk about the strength of an alloy I see.

See, I can fly on the griffins. You can't catch me now!!

Back to the business, it's Friday afternoon here somewhere in Cheras. I'm at TGV expecting many people to turn out but I was wrong. Maybe TGV Cheras Selatan don't really attracted many people to come or it is because people just still busy busy. And walah!! It's a 2pm show, seat F08, Hall 2. And unfortunate enough to have a few moron Malays at my back row chit chat and eating popcorns so annoyingly loud. Everytime I would heard people giggle for no reason. But blessed them for enjoying it too.

Unmask the new evil?? I'm your new evil!!

Remembering myself back in 2005 when the first Narnia was released, the movie trailer and promotions were just everywhere, but this time it is much quieter. I don't really enjoy the first one, because the cinematic action and plot were not really that great or to be wow with. Let's face the truth, the standard of an adaptation of fantasy and fiction novel had been raised by The Lord Of The Rings. Let's face it!! The first Narnia was still brilliant although some might said that it was silly and childish. Of course, Narnia is a children adaptation. The same genre like LOTR itself, a christian-themed-fantasy-adventure-and-fiction.

I'm a mouseketeer!! Trust me that I can poke you!!

I thought that the performance of the four Pervensie's are absolutely gorgeous. They do certainly more mature and grown up now. No more silly silly dialogue again for them but well-defined acting that play a bigger role in the movie. Peter for instance has shown more leadership approach but he is still young and sometimes reckless. Edmund handles matter much better than before. Susan is as usual, while Lucy is always the trademark for cuteness and "in-believing-of-Aslan". The Telmarians or human from kind-of real world stranded in Narnia, according to producer as based on the Spanish culture are a tricky race. They are neither pro or antagonist but surely they are both. Lord Miraz speech seems over-assented but he is credential and okay okay. The character Prince Caspian is however a little let-down, but he is still okay to me. CinemaOnline people thought that he is rather bored. Oh!! The mouse musketeers thing are fantastic, love it!!

What are you looking at??

The storyline and plot are faithfully adhere to the book. Not much changes but this time, really more cinematic actions and battles can be seen. More CGIs, much faster pace of story telling and of course, nice scenery as always. The ending however, produce some minor let-down and seems to be a little confusing. Overall, the christian community or the fans of the book should find it great. 3.5 stars ( is what I give, generally better than the first one by 0.5 star.
Box office source from
Opening next week: Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.....


pris said...

liked ur diary-cum-review style..
keep it up..
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Thanks!!! Just forget about owning ur own digi cam or photoshop. Juz need sources and write it right and happily. So great, huh!!

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