Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Over the years I grew up, there is one comic that I loved so much. Popular way back since my father's age, archie is entertaining, hillarious and cool. It talks about a life of a dude and pre-adulthood kind of life. Archibald "Archie" Andrew, the main character is a lovable character. Fortunate that this dude is somehow caught in a love triangle, since many girls liked him.

Everyone wants to live in fantasy world like Archie's. The world is nice, slowly paced and relaxed. Imagine how cruel this real life can be!! Everyone is worried about their own.

The band

I still remember when I was 11 when I first bought the comics. It was funny, almost spilled out my lavage gaster contents because I just can't stand with the stupidity and jokes - so funny. I remember Archibald Archie had a band with his friends - Reggie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead, forming a band known as The Archie. I think one of their famous song was "Sugar Sugar". The song was a popular hit in 1969, making itself at number one in music chart.






Haha, I just love these peoples!! I hope there will be a live-action movie about these bunch of people then.



Joy said...

Saw this in Innit
I love Archie too!!!!
Im still addicted to those comics xD

shon chong said...

hey man!!!.. shon here!! but din saw archie ppl in halloween ha..

renaye said...

i prefer tintin. :D

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