Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When Things Are Just Not Getting Anyway Better

Here am I again, trying to point out what people yet and again fail to see. On Monday the political landscape had an earthquake, not a major one but yet might influences what will come after this. The question now is how the aftershock will be? It is strong?? Thanks to The Sun that I had read today and the issues of quake - no, not the one in Szechuan China, but the one here, looks still hot and fresh. Believe me, this matter is not as easy as you think.

I was interested on one particular article about what the climate will be after a huge tsunami swept through the people. Change!! That is what had happen. But the tsunami had already put so much impact yet one of the most influential icon step out of the coalition citing indifferences with the current supremo. Here you have two big jumbos tussle each other. Many see it as an internal affair of the Malays. Lately they had no fresh ideas except those on this particular party kept on questioning the people's argument on the special privileges. Come on, face the truth, no country in this world provide such to its majority etchnic excpet you are in a country controlled in the hands of a tyrant. Huh, the point is now how much different are us than a tyrant ruled land. Oh, please forgive me for my statement. I don't meant to question those privileges, i simply ask you to see why hiding under a privileges might makes you weak, too weak and too stubborn to accept the fact. So the tussles has nothing to do with other non-Malays. The warning on this article is that those component parties in BN should try their best not to cause more trouble. Enough or you will get the saliva as well. In this matter, the non-Malays should step aside. Let them settle it on their own way and hopefully we don't get blamed for anything later. But the danger remains this - if the backbone is broken or weak, how do you expect a man to stand properly??

Now, I was mentioning about this article. Well done, the author foresees a few possible outcome in a longer future for what had our beloved ex-PM had done so far. Now, Tun M had quitted the backbone party, but don't expect too many crowds to follow his effort. Tun once said that the people tends to be "Yes, Sir" attitude. Being having few hundreds withdrew from the party is not something to be proud of yet. So let me predict here, the current PM will not so ever bow to the request of stepping down. So, is he deaf, is he smart or is he dumb for not doing so? Personally, I don't know!! Since the ex-PM doesn't like the current leadership, let me tell you this that there is a chance that he also dislike the deputy PM as well. Therefore, I presumed that he had someone he hoped will turn out to be the ideal leader. A leader always chooses his successor so carefully. Take President Putin (err. ..ex President) for instance on this matter. Now, Tun, my question for you is that have you really make mistake by choosing your deputy at that time to succeed you? If so, I guess it is a big mistake.

Irrelevantly, but at the same time as well, a new power may assume to arise. If the matter is not resolve quickly, many people will quit the party in the future. Ideally, transition of power should be done now but still Tun believe it depends on the party election later this year. Even now "Yes,Sir" may slowly turned into "No,Sir" in the end. People don't dare to challenge the leadership now. Not that they are coward. Opportunity plays a role too. Remember when Datuk Anwar said that there are about 35 ruling coalition MPs are ready to switch side?? If that realize, the coalition will fall to the ground, or maybe into the valley. Who benefits more? Who is gaining power now? Opposition, definitely!! But the danger is still remain, switch side or leap like a frog, usually they are labelled as people that have no pledge of loyalty. So you see here, the more this thing unsettled, the closer the reality will become. But Tun had an idea on his mind - quit BN and form independent-pact and let PM fall. The reason is simple. Tun would not want the current PM nor Datuk Anwar to rule, never!! Smart dude!! No matter what, you yourself judge - who makes better life, more transperancy in administration and doing better job now, opposition or coalition-pact?

Next, let's talk about PM's family in legacy???

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