Saturday, June 14, 2008

Running For Some Blog's Awards...Vote Okay!!

Hello and greeting peoples!!

I want to make an announcement here. Pretty important announcement here. So, I discovered that, for some obvious and unobvious reasons that I was nominated for this blog award. Not a major one, but rather a good blogging award. I went and "Syok sendiri aka SS", nominating myself for some awards but at last decided to go for one category.

I know I'm not a hot blogger, or having a nice fancy blogskin or having excellent styles and language, but I humbly go for this particular thing. Let me get this right. The title of the blog awards are called "PRINCESS' BLOG AWARDS". Well, people, call me what ever you want. I am here to pledge you that I need some of your time with some effort and patience to help me by voting for me. ATTN:You people can crappy or "cincai" vote for the others except on Category Award number 4, which is "CONTENT AND QUALITY OF POSTS" category,yeah!!

Been nominated into top 5 is good for me after going through so many competiton in nominations. Thank you everyone for your support!! Go to this blog and vote on the poll sidebar that this blog that she have.

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