Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is Sony Ericsson Having Trouble?

Sony Ericsson, one of the most popular mobile phone brand in Malaysia, and also around the world, along with Nokia and Samsung, may be in trouble after all. In a recent report, Sony Ericsson announed what it seems to be the second profit warning of the year. Sony Ericsson, a joint venture between the now defunct Ericsson and Japanese electronic giant Sony in 2001, announced this recently over their performance in Q2 of 2008.

SE have been enjoying tremendous success and was at number 4 in the global market share of 9%. They lagged behind Nokia, Samsung and Motorola all these years. However, LG took over the fourth place in the first quarter following company's profit crash by 43% to €133 million of profit, sales down 8% and global shares down from 9.4 to 7.9% in Q1. Second warning of profit crash was issued following dismay result in Q2, igniting fear that SE is on decline and may end up in the same fate like its struggling rival Motorola. Motorola also experienced sharp decline having lost its number 2 spot to Samsung.
SE pinpointed that the failure in the European sales had contributed much of the decline. SE had difficulty to achieve good sales for its mid and high-end mobile phone series in Europe, with slow shipment for low-end series also taking the heavy price for SE. Although the sales in Europe slowed down, the performance in Asian and Oceania market remained strong. I do hope they can still to pull on something magical and remain focused on tackling those problems. You won't want SE to be doomed to hell.

Even in this difficult time, as with once happened to Nokia before, Sony Ericsson still proud to bring you more technology gadgets in the future. Recently, they renamed their coding system for all the mobile phones that will be new released series in the future.

Now for some coming soon products:
C905 - It looks like Cyber-Shot but that's more to it. 8.1 Megapixel mobile phone for people who likes to snap and snap. Coming Soon!! Also included GPS, 3G, wifi, blogging friendly, music player and so much more.

Xperia X1 - The X-factor of a new improved smartphone and PDA, available soon!! Arc sliding, Xperia technology, built in high resolution camera, 3G, wifi, blogging friendly, RSS Feed and so much more.
S302 - The new slicky sliding phone. 2 Megapixel of camera on the back, Bluetooth-enabled, blogging friendly, JAVA, video-capturer and so much more. Coming soon as well!!

So, these are previews of what to expect from Sony Ericsson for the future. For more, visit the Sony Ericsson Malaysia website at for more infos and updates then. Wish good luck to those guys in SE, hope you guys can turn over the current losing tide, okay!!

Long Live SE!!


renaye said...

really? it's so hard to even think that sony is swimming in trouble when their handphone's technology is so much cooler than nokia and others. i think la~

foongpc said...

I hope SE continues to do well. Cos SE is my fav handphone brand - beats Nokia and Motorola and Samsung anytime!!

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