Sunday, August 31, 2008

Independence Day: Thanks To My History Book

I was reading a post posted by Acura this afternoon. It so suit with the current supremely high mood for some patriotism. The post talks about the real unsung heroes, the group of fighters whose names went uncredited in our school text book. They are the one, the real people who really fight for the independence of Malaya, then Malaysia. Not some UMNO dudes who chosed to stay coward, be good with the British and gained independence, taking the credit for been "independence without any blood-shed".

How come things like this can happen? Text books for students taking up the history subject, there are some inaccuracies in it, yet who bother to know it. Yes, I remembered last time I just chit-chating with my friends everytime my teacher talked about His-Story!! Now I appreciate that since the lies and promises we always heard throughout the His-Story, I started to realize the real independence and the real struggle to made Malaysia a better place to be!

According to the short film by Fahmi Reza on his blog, I realize and understand more about the behind the curtain on how some peoples had struggle just for independence. There is a question that everyone should ask upon themselves. How much do we know our history real deep inside? Not many! Then here goes the next question, how much did we appreciated the real meaning of independence? Not many also. The reasons are there are so many moronic people walking down around the city. Independence from British colonialism but yet unable to free themselves from mentality blockage that hindered our powerful transformation into a developed country. Malaysia is a rich country, full of blessed natural resources and cash in it, yet we are still unable to wake up like what Japan had did after the destruction of World War II. Japan is a developed country when they suffered badly from the aftermath of Hiroshima bombing.

Let's learn something new today.

UMNO is the one who solely responsible for the road map to independence.
Malays protested the concept of 'jus soli' where liberalisation on citizenship to the non-Malay
UMNO is the architect of Malaysia Federation where they fight for independence without even shedding any blood.

UMNO is not the only one - others also involved. If you watch the video you will get the full list of organizations from Malays and non-Malays, workers and labours, women organizations, all formed a leftist-group to fight for independence. The British arrogantly rejected their voices rather chose to speak or negotiate with groups that are not against them - UMNO.

PUTERA-AMCJA proposed the People's Constitution while the Federation Constitution was made by the British, Malay rulers and UMNO (not centralizing the people's needs)

The People's Constitution made by PUTERA-AMCJA:

  • Singapore should be included in the new Federation
  • Citizenship with a "Melayu" nationality
  • Cirizenship is open to all Malayans
  • Voting rights for all 18 years and above with elections scheduled
  • Equal political rights for all
  • Council of Races to filter discrimination of races in the laws
  • Malaya as a new nation (a.k.a. independence)
The UMNO-British culprits arrangement's Constitution:

  • Singapre is exempted from the Federation
  • Citizenship without any nationality
  • Citizenship is restricted for non-Malays
  • No political rights been mentioned
  • No elections and no voting rights
  • Malaya is only a British proctectorate stae
See understand your history now. See which one was doing the fight for Malaya independence more than the others? See which was only thinking of themselves when it comes to building a multi-racial? Social contract - do you think it is necessary if the former constitution was adopted? Yet, this shows that the people are willing to work together, live together and would love to see other peoples from other races as their neighbour!! Peoples were ready for it, no doubt! Yet, today we lived in a country full of morons, full of racial discrimination and unfairness. Let's don't talk about East Malaysian. If you put the issues in, it even pissed many people off.


Anyway, thanks to those true heroes behind the independence. They got caught and sent for imprisonment, banished out of their homeland. For what of all their deeds - for the sake of independence. Thank you to the true heroes, for not hiding behind the curtain and for not fueling any racism!!


acura said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog ^~^

As they say history belongs to the winner, proven in our Sejarah textbooks.

Hope that more Malaysian knew bout the sacrifice of other independence fighters. After all, they are made up of diverse groups from all races which the British chose to ignore.

I can only wonder what will happen if the People's Constitution was put into place.

If it was adopted then, we will all be known as one, we have laws to protect against racism. If only...

foongpc said...

Also just read acura's blog. It's time the truth be told. Not many people know or care about Malaysia's story of independence. History books should be rewritten to reflect the true facts.

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