Saturday, September 13, 2008

Racism and ISA : Can Somebody Do Something?

I have a hiatus for about 2 weeks from any inking or commenting from any political issues that we have in Bolehland. Seriously, I got fed-up with those kind of peoples who constantly get attention and appear in the front page of dailies of so-called the mainstream media. Can anyone reminded me when was the last time in a newspaper itself, there wasn't any comment, complaint or opinions that don't talk about politics? Sorry, I don't remember any of them. In fact, Bolehland today and Bolehland before March 8th this year are so different.

Recently, during the Permatang Pauh by-election, this third-tier leader, a branch leader in Penang made a remark that said all the Chinese in Bolehland were "squatter" and "immigrants". It was reported in mainstream media, and drew many critism and furious uproar from various community. He said what for he want to apologize, citing that he had done nothing wrong. Later he warned the Chinese not to be like American Jewish, whom deemed to have dominate the economy and trying to creep into the political arena as well. Few days ago, he was suspended for three years from his any party posts - so that is what the cocky guy get for all he had remarked.

Here's my opinions on this cocky dude, which I have kept for so long, finally there's no holding back:
  1. What gives him the right to challenge the citizenship of the Chinese community in Malaysia? Chinese in Malaysia is Malaysian, Malay community is Malaysian, Indian too is Malaysian, the natives community in Malaysia is also Malaysian. Please be remember Mr Ahmad that those who are not the Malaysians are the PATI from Indonesia and Phillipines, or recently many VISA holder that travelled to Malaysia for social visits, study and business. The Constitution clearly stated the Malaysian's right for citizenship. Clearly, you have challenged the Constitution itself!
  2. What makes you think that Chinese deserves the title "Immigrant" for you? When my grandparents first arrived in Sabah in 1905, they were the one who worked in timber industry for the sake of economy. I believe most of our grand or great-grand parents when they first came here also involved in many economical sectors. I give you a better example, Lim Goh Thong (Sorry, if I mispell your name) first came to Malaysia with only few cents, later he became the tycoon of Genting. I must said that we are proud of our ancestor which had done so much for this country just like everybody else. Too bad, this cocky never remebered their efforts.
  3. What makes you think that your ancestors are not immigrant as well? Mr Ahmad, some blog site claimed that your ancestory were from India. So does the other bogus PHD candidate, who is actually a Mamak (India Muslim, not Malay). So does many other Malays were their ancestory maybe came from Arab, India or Indonesia. Maybe yourself is an immigrant. We never questions about your status of citizenship but yet you did it. Does living in Bolehland gives you every rights to slam other peoples from other races. My Malay friends never said these hurting remarks to me. But you did that in a ceramah, which proof my theory as correct - you are so immature than many school children!!
  4. What makes you think we dominate the economy? Let us say thanks to PM number 2, Tun Abdul Razak for brain-childing the NEP. NEP no doubt has helped many Malays to escalate in many aspect of life. Nowadays, I see many rich Malay families and I had no problems with that. I came from a middle-income family and I don't see it as a problem at all. Look at yourself, Mr Cocky, some director from some company. Aren't you suppose to be proud for holding such a job, having two bungalows, saved from bankrupcy because you have an "economy resources" yet you said we dominates. Where's your bungalows came from? You are not entitled to ask this kind of thing. Just be blessful of your wealth.
  5. What makes you think we want to become American Jews? Hello, we are not Jews and we never practise Sabbath, okay. We work and play on weekends just like everyone else, not sitting on the couch doing nothing on Sunday. By the way, what makes you think that we want to take over the PM helm? Did you speak through your brain or ypu just uttered it out just like that?

So in the end of the day, you only got suspension. And Mr Cocky later after knowing his three years suspension said, "Why should I apologize? I have done nothing wrong". Fine he refused to say sorry but what about asking GERAKAN to pull out of your coalition and tearing Mr. Koh's head , literally meaning the picture. Was not that racism act from you and your bunch of circus? Why no question been raised about it? What had the Chinese people had done wrong for this country? Was not racism in extreme form a threat to the national security? Because of your remarks, everyone scared. Some more, you warned that there will be May 13 the Second soon. Peoples nowadays are smart, we need to work and study, where can we have time to do all this barbarian stunts?

Guess what happened this morning? A reporter from Sin Chew Daily was arrested for ISA, because she made reports on our Cocky's statements. Later, I also saw our sassy MP's name as well, Theresa Kok in it for allegedly something to do with national security again. Also detained yesterday was RPK. Holy man, what is wrong with the country? So, where is Ahmad's name I wonder?

Wow, ISA here and ISA there. Can Somebody Do Something? Please Stop Racism Remarks!!!


pris said...

nice post...comprehensive n analytical..=P
u said it all!

Steward Baba said...

Really like this post.
I'm sick of this political thingy!

Anyway, I am proud to be a Malaysian, and I don't want that to change just because of this silly stuff. =)

Johnny Ong said...

glad that u blogged abt it

linn said...

I thought Parameswara (or whatever spelling it is) came from Indonesia?? Let me know if it has nothing to do with somebody's ancestral root or citizenship issue.

there was once few BN MP didn't vote against the bill that go against BN spirit, they got 3 years suspension. Now someone challenged the constitutional law, also 3 years suspension, but no comment on this challenge. Oh, yea, affirmative action, eh!

BernardC said...

To everyone: Thanks for the comments!!

Wow, now that I know why i like my country - Malaysia, the Bolehland among the Bitchyland for the sake of all the Bohemian!!!
Lol, I oso don understand wat im trying to say but that is our country tatv beloved so muchy muchy!!

acura said...

Don't be upset. Remember the Malays didn't support Umno during the by election even thought Mr. Cocky try to use those racist statements to garner support.

Maybe there is still hope after all

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