Monday, October 06, 2008

When Nightmare Become An Idea!!

Last night was a restless one. Don't ask why? Okay, I'll tell you why!! I had a dream or rather a nightmare which when I thought back, looks very much like a draft for a new TV drama series. The events in my nightmare looked pretty much like those on "Lost". 
Yes, the drama series about a group of people surviving in some mysterious island with some unexplainable events happening. Well, I'm not a fan of "Lost" and I'm curious how on earth I got this kind of dream!! 

So you ask, can a nightmare really can be turned into one of the craziest idea you will ever have in your life? My answer is why not!! And, here's how....

The "Untitled" Drama Series Project by Bernard Green-Tea

Episode 1 : PILOT
Location: An remorse island somewhere 467km east of Tahiti in Pacific Ocean
Date: Present
Mission: The Teddy Of The East

I'm...err...I dunno my character's name. I was supposed to be the only Asian in the team, probably looked more like Korean. Anyway, I was part of the 16 team members consisted of biologist and scientist on an expedition to an uncharted and remorse island. The team is headed by someone I'm pretty familiar off. 
I bet I saw him instructed me doing this and that...LOL. Anyway, our exedition was sponsored by an anoynymous rich guy whom none of us knew. But we are definitely clear that our mission is to search for the mysterious existence of Teddy Bear on that island. The rich guy only contacted our leader, whom our leader didn't even knew our sponsor, who was he and what was his motive. So we set apart from Los Angeles and reached Wellington, then took a chartered flight to the island. The island is no where to be found on the map. The pilot had difficulty to locate the area, then only to realize that we are running out of gas. He had no choice but to make an emergency landing on a barley field on that island. It was rough flight and the landing made me felt uneasy and nauseated.

So, we hiked for 2 miles across the large mysterious barley field, climbed a hill and we reached on the peak, only to find an old hut stood still there. The hut will be our station base. Only after 30 minutes on the base, one of our team member.......yes, he is our GPS guy! He detected that our GPS located some unidentified objects passing through our area at the radius of 2km. Sensing the danger, we decided to took our weapon together with our scientific gears. Arriving at the designated area, we found a trail of large footprints...been a animal expert, I told them these aren't bears' and there might be more than 5 of those. Our leader suggested us to walk and follow the path. Suddenly the trail ends when it reached the river bank. We were at dead-end.

After much arguement, we decided to cross the river. No current, the river looked calm, with water at our waist level. Our GPS guy insisted we should cross the river to check on the trail. "The water looks calm, but just don't be fooled by it". Suddenly one of our member been attacked by something. Someone yelled, "It's a piranha, get your weapon". I don't know how many, but I can see a swarm of fishes with canines, came and attacking. "Everyone, run back to the shore". We made an escape and managed to save our friend. He was severely hurt, bitten on his leg by the piranha. We made it to the land, but then we found out that those fishes were making landfall as well. "These fishes can come up to land?" We started to load and shoot on our shot guns. 

Been irritated by the piranhas, we had no choice but to blow those fishes with our C4s and grenades. "This is getting too much", yelled the Biomolecular Lady. Meanwhile, our friend whom was bitten was treated. Our leader suggested that we should be back to our base, and we made oour way back. I noticed some changes to our poor friend and I enlightened them about his condition. He started to become "fury and hairy". We were all surprised but our medical officer took his blood sample for analysis. We were still puzzled by what had just happened at the river bank and what had happened to our friend. We almost reached our base, when we suddenly heard a loud roar nearby...."It's a Teddy Bear!!"



What the hell was that supposed to be...Seriously my dream was something like that but I changed a bit of the details here and there. Suddenly I realized that our GPS Guy looked like him...
Oh great, talking bullshit session.

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renaye said...

what an interesting dream. i wish i had that kind of dreams too. usually my dreams r quite depressing even though i can't recall. but whenever i woke up from a dream.. i just feel sad, remorse.

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