Monday, September 29, 2008


This is the passport for the amazing journey for tasting all the coffee beans that are available in Starbucks Coffee. I have one. This is the passport!! 
It looks shabby course it's been in my bag for ages that I forgot that I put it there.
So the journey begin at 23 June this year and so far I have tasted about 7 types of different coffee beans from different parts of the world. How I got to taste you ask? Easy, get this passport from Starbucks and show some interests on coffee. When you are free, just go to any Starbucks outlets and present this pass, ask for coffee tasting. Then they will select one type of coffee of the day with one of their delicacies. Enjoy them, give comments and describe the coffee; all for free!! At the end of the session, you will get a stamp to proof that you have taste the coffee.

Starbucks people told me that their coffee beans came from mainly three regions; Arab and Africa, Indonesia Archipelago and the Latin American regions. These are the 3 main coffee-growing regions where climate and flavour profiles affects the type of coffees grown. Latin American coffees are famous for its originality, traditional, well-balanced flavour with some nutty elements. Africa-Arabian origins are exotic in flavours of spices and citrus; most unusual and sought-after in the world.  The Asia-Pacific particularly in Indonesia produces thise which are complex and rich in flavour with some herbal aroma. The other type of coffee beans are basically multi-region and dark roast where they are mixtures of different type of beans from all around the world.

They also taught me the step to describe the types of coffee and how to recognize certain simple characteristics that distinguish each of the coffee. There are four steps in it:
Smell - smell the aroma and try to recognize any smell from any floral products like nut or fruits in it
Slurp - slurp the coffee littla by little to describe the boldness, acidity and the flavour
Locate the experience - descibe a little bit on what other food blends well with the coffee etc.
Description - of course, summarize the coffee in a tasting note; where aroma, body, acidity and flavours are descibed.

They also kindly show me types of coffee grind that goes well with the type of coffee maker you have; also on how to brew a great cup of coffee at home. Proportion of coffee, types of coffee ground, water and freshness are all important.

Lastly, here are some of those that I have tasted at Starbucks:

Most popular coffee, House Blend of the Latino.

The Africa Kitamu

The Sumatra, most popular single-offering origin coffee

Here you go, thanks Starbucks Coffee!! I just love it, don't I?

I, Starbucks!!


phingy said...

hahaha any passport i can get free franpuccino any time? hehe ;)

renaye said...

is it free to get the passport? i have tried javanese and sumatran coffee but that was a long time ago.

acura said...

A passport to free coffee, how nice. Too bad I am not into coffee hehe

foongpc said...

I normally have my coffee at OldTown White Coffee - only RM2.80 a cup complete with wifi. No need go Starbucks : ) But if you get free, then that's good. Anyway, I'm not really into coffee. More than 1 cup a day and I'll start feeling jittery : )

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