Sunday, March 08, 2009


On this beautiful second Sunday of the month of March, I would like to remind you that today is in fact 8th of March. Okay, now you ask, what is so special about this day?

Every year, this day is been specially observed as United Nation's International Women's Day. On this day we shall be reminded of the struggle the women had endured for the freedom they have today. I'm not trying to be a feminism here but merely speaking out of truth. You see, the challenges that the women face daily are not merely about their daily personal life, but also encroaching other aspects such as domestic violence, human trafficking, social deprivation in certain countries and so much more.

International Woman's Day or known as IWD in short is a major day for recognizing the economic, political and social achievements of women worldwide. This is actually differs from other women-related celebrations such as Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day as on this day the celebration is more well focus to recognize the political and human rights.

"On occasion of 2009 International Women's Day the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned that the specific health-care needs of women are often ignored or insufficiently taken into account in war situations. In the world’s least developed countries, many of which are at war, women are 300 times more likely to die in childbirth or from pregnancy-related complications than in developed countries, according to UNICEF. While armed conflicts and other violence affect entire communities, women are particularly at risk of rape and other forms of sexual violence. Because of poor security conditions or because they have no means of transportation, it is often impossible for women to reach a health-care facility so as to give birth safely."

The day is an official holiday in many countries like Albania, Brazil, China, Georgia, Italy, Laos, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and Vietnam. Men will usually observe the day by giving the women in their lives - mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters and colleagues with flowers and small gifts.

In Romania, the day is celebrated as an equivalent to Mother's Day.
In Italy, the men will give yellow mimosas to the women as a symbolic.

Apart of the IWD celebration on 8 March, another event that I think i will love to point out is that today is the first anniversary of the outcome and aftermath of 12th General Election. Everyone knows what happen after last year's March 8. The ruling party didn't get two-third of parliamentary majority as they arrogantly always do so, in fact we saw the rises of the opposition. Therefore there was the swift and changes due to the political tsunamis. 365 days after the important date, many issues remain unsolved, creating more question marks on our head. Also, there were some still having their weekly house meeting under a tree, how ironic is this Malaysian politics, which makes me sick and if you notice, I seldom blog about it here now.



Yi Ling said...

eh dear. so wht do you have for me ._.

Gine said...

on meeting under trees: media has been exploited. If they didn't make it big, the media is not going to publicize it. Hence they cannot create more attention to themselves. Now that they know the media is going to make a hu-ha out of it, there you go, monkey in trees.

And Hey! They are the ones we voted for, you remember? HAaha *sarcastic*

Art&Art said...

hey its mother's day in RUSSIA


Harogenki said...

Woman's day, but never anything special :)

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