Thursday, March 05, 2009


So, did anyone did the Animal Planet Poll on my blog? If you missed it, it was on this post. Animal Planet Week Poll was a post dedicated to encourage my readers at Green Tea World!! to go and look for some of the interesting facts about animals. Unfortunately the Nuffnang poll only permits 5 questions. As promised I will review the answers for all of the questions featured.

"Can An Elephant Jump?"

No. I don't think an elephant can jump. Please do imagine if they really can jump!! Earth-shaking statement. anyway, elephants are thought to have a good memory.
Answer: NO

"Cats Are Thought To Have A Sense In Predicting What?"

Cats have a good habit of licking their furs, it's actually a clue for the answer. The cats, according to one documentary on psychic animal on Animal Planet, are thought to have a sense over lightning and thunderstorm. You see, prior to thunderstorm, the environment is full of electrical charges, the positive and negative ions are constantly created. Cats fur are considered as the positive ions accumulating center and therefore, you will notice that the cats will keep licking their furs. It actually reduces the electrical charges on their fur which may affects their mood.
Therefore, they are thought to predict thunderstorms. Look at their behaviour next time in which they get a bit upset when thunderstorms come.

"What Is The Strongest Animal In The World?"

No surprise, bison can carry up to 2 tonnes of stuffs on their shoulder - that's estimation. An elephant can carry lodges even more. Cheetahs are good runner or rather sprinter and they don't last long so they can't enter a marathon. Flea can jump so far that it can be like a human jumping over 1km. The strongest of all with relatives to size is definitely a beetle bug species known as rhinoceros beetle, which can carry an object up to 850 times of its own weight. So who is the strongest? Bettle bug!!

"Pigeons Migrate To Other Places When Ever The Season Changes, How?"

The pigeons travel across the globe because of changing season. In winter, it is impossible to find food because of scarce resources. Therefore like any other birds, they migrate to places warmer and full of food. Pigeons do not possess any ability in making force field. So, force field is wrong. Storm field, they will sure avoid them. Temperature difference, not really a good indicator. Food sense, they can smell from afar but it does not work that way. The mystery behind is that their ability for magnetoception, to detect location and altitude and direction because of magnetic field on the earth. Remember when we always said that earth is a giant magnet with poles as the end of the magnet.

"Cattle And Livestock Can Contribute To Global Warming"

Once, they are people whom came out with this statement, if we all stop eating cattle and livestocks (cow, lamb and so on) we can reduce the emmision of global warming gases by 10%. And did you watch Black sheep, a mocking horror movie from New Zealand about genetically modified sheeps that bite people? Remember how they died in the end? They fart out methane. so , it is true!!

So, I hope you did enjoyed the polls..
See you!!!


Hp said...

lols...nice post! haha
scarly next time elephant can jump...
den should be scary liao xD

Muhd Naim said...

elephants can fly, with failure.

annant said...

thanks for sharing...
didn't know tiny puny beetle bugs is da strongest animal... like O.o

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