Thursday, March 05, 2009


It's been reported that Sony Ericsson products that are new in the market were found to be malfunction. I'm not sure how true is this statement but judging by some other aspect, I prefer to stay on the dark since I'm not into buying a new phone. However, looking at the new products from Sony Ericsson which was available for the year 2009, it's hard to imagine that they are malfunctions.

For the year 2008, SE made a bit of loss, in fact seeing its market share to drop significantly. Nokia still control the market shares, followed by a strong challenge by Samsung. SE ranks fifth after LG and struggling rival, Motorola. However, SE began to climb back and it was reported to be on position number three based on sales in Quarter 3 2008. For the year 2008, SE sold 96.6 million units of mobile phones.

The sales are significantly aided by the success rollout of SE Xperia-1, C905 and Play Music Plus. The year 2009 will be fueled by the following models - some are already on the market while there is one waiting for releases.

For the latest range of products, W395 which already released in the market incorporates a significant music blaster with its two built-in stereo speakers that creates a thumping sounds and basses. It also has a 2.0 Megapixel camera with a 2" laser screen. It gives your music a boost!!

How about C510, a 3.2 Megapixel camera phone with the Cyber Shot features. It will be strictly personal with features like face detection and Smile Shutter, blog friendly features with blogspot and Youtube-enabled.

C903 is an upcoming camera phone. With tagline of Great images need to be seen, it is auto-rotating screen with a TV-out function, face detection and Smile Shutter, a GPRS locator, Geo Tagging and slider 5 Megapixel camera. The phone will be available in within 6 months.

A sound quality champion, W705 features a turbo music download online with its Wifi and HSUPA 3G turbo feature. It allows fast music download fro Youtube or any podcasts while providing a clear music solution, shake control, Count Your Step, and 4 GB memory to feed the capacity of 3990 songs.

There it goes, four new models and considered latest after the Xperia X1 and C905...Enjoy!!

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