Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You must be worried by now after there is a much hyped circulating rumour in the net that a possible earthquake and tsunami will occur following the upcoming solar eclipse on this July 22. A check on my inbox, I have received several similar forwarded message about this rumour and I thought it might be just a hoax. Peoples have been; by the urge of responsibility and concern has put it up on their blog and heavily asking for nangs and attention on. I think it is great deed that bloggers have pass down this piece of note to alert the others whom may not received any words yet about this. (THE HYPES HERE AS WELL)


However, I was left to ponder, how a total solar eclipse can cause a massive earthquake that is enough to trigger a tsunami. Although I am not a geologist, astronomer, astrophysicist or some guy with psychic telekinetic ability, I can strongly tell you it is a HOAX and FALSE. (PROOF 1 and PROOF 2)

Cross checked on NASA, Wikipedia and several other references, I found nothing concerning the relationship of earthquake and tsunami with total solar eclipse. Remember when was the last tsunami incident happened? 26 December 2004. There was no solar eclipse happened on that day as far as I remember. (PROOF 3)

July 22 Total Solar Eclipse event will be the first total eclipse since August 1 last year. "The path will cross a narrow corridor through northern India, eastern Nepal, northern Bangladesh, Bhutan, the northern tip of Myanmar, central China and the Pacific Ocean, including Ryukyu Islands, Marshall Islands and Kiribati." - Wikipedia of the event and confirmed on the NASA page.

However, the rumour started to surface following an article in this blog that somehow the author ran a simulator that somehow he or she thought that there was a way to predict a forthcoming earthquake based on the theory that the earth tectonic plate will be pulled upon gravitation by the moon during the solar eclipse.

Until today, seismologists, geologists and other climatologist and earthquake experts are still clueless about the idea that earthquake and particularly tsunami can be predicted precisely. Let's take the event of 2009 L'Aguila earthquake in Italy that occured on April 6.

Despite the controversy that there was a possible early warning, the technique used by the now famous Giampaolo Giuliani was different from any computer simulator can have. Giuliani predicted the earthquake precisely but not the timing unfortunately. He based his prediction by his adventurous study by measuring the increased of radon activity emitted from the ground.

"Predicting earthquakes based on radon emissions has been studied by scientists since the 1970s, but enthusiasm for it has faded due to inconsistent results." So, where is the total solar eclipse?

The reality is no one can predict an earthquake nor even a tsunami. With only the based on fringe and pseudo science? Well, in the world of fringe science, maybe, just maybe an eclipse can work its way. (CONFIRMED HERE AND HERE)

"In the last 110 years or so, there have been about 85 really big earthquakes," Professor Kerry Sieh of Singapore's Earth Observatory explained in a statement to Channel News Asia. "And only two of those occurred on the same day as an eclipse. And even those were a partial eclipse, not a total eclipse. They happened in a different place from where the eclipse happened."

Somehow, it fits another bill of human fear!!

In the end, it's just a FALSE CALAMITY!!


Doctor Popcorn said...

Really? Was there any doubt that it was a hoax before? C'mon people. So gullible these days.

Gine said...

It says" ..July 22nd. There is ALSO a prediction..." When I read that sentence, it doesn't link me to total eclipse = tsunami. I was thinking, for whatever reason, someone is saying there will be a tsunami on 22/7. And for whatever reason, someone says there'll be total eclipse on 22/7.

I'm not sure why you link them together, but I think the gravitation of the moon theory during eclipse does make sense. Because years ago I read that the moon cycle will affect the rise and fall of sea tide, because of the gravity as well. Or something like that.

Gine said...

Well, at least I'm glad I learn something new today, that:
1. Earthquakes aren't caused by eclipse or gravitational pull
2. Earthquakes still can't be predicted.
3. and YAY, must remember to watch eclipse on 22/7!! *mark down in calender*
But about the mail, I have long deleted it. Sounds ignorant that I didn't bother much about it huh, because it doesn't occur to me the way like what I said.

Good post, Bernard! NANG! hahaha

Binn said...

it is kind of frustrating to believe or not to believe these mails because after I send them to the deleted pile, i always get paranoid and start worrying... but most of the time after 24 hours, i will just forget and never bother about it anymore...

nyak nyak¬¬

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