Wednesday, April 01, 2009


To start the fourth month of the year, we shall starts with some laughter. HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY.

The very funny, ONLY IN....

Note: I'm not even sure how true these pictures are, but I am sure that the last pictures are somewhat true.

ONLY IN SINGAPORE....Booking your seats with a pack of tissue papers.

ONLY IN INDONESIA..... You are allowed to loiter around the railway track without worrying it will hit you somehow. I bet these people haven't watch "KNOWING" yet.

ONLY IN CHINA....A giant swimming pool to facilitate 1.3 billion Chinese.

ONLY IN INDIA....You can feed the rats with fresh milk. How lucky these creatures are.

ONLY IN HAWAII....Seaside gathering for our next blogger meeting?

ONLY IN MEXICO....You must go naked but there are certain parts of the body that you do not require sun-tanning. Talking about basked dudu....

ONLY IN CAMBODIA....Who need a boat when you have a pail, frying pan or just simply a peace sign.

ONLY IN MALAYSIA....Yeah, embarrassing!!

Anyway, before I end here, watch this video for more crazy stuff. The point is tell me how long you took before you start bursting into a loud laugh!!??


annant said...

i have seen this in forwarded emails...
da first one in sg is true i have read it in someone's bloggie...
and malaysia...mempersiasuaikan=.=

Marc said...

The Singapore one is true, but its only applicable in some places, especially in Shenton Way and CBD areas. However, if you try this in heartland areas, the uncle or auntie may think its a free tissue, and just take the seat and use your tissue.

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