Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The just concluded 82nd Academy Awards has sparkled mostly a similar outcome like what many have predicted in the early buzz. Save for some categories that proved to be a bit shocking, it is not uncommon to hear some general outcry about the nominees and winners, I still think in the eyes of the Academy, these are the winners although in reality, it should not be that way.

It was a night for Team Bigelow when they snatched 6 wins against Team Cameron with 3. It was never easy for a movie with such little publicity, box office receipt nor glamorous 3D presentation can beat a movie that already has chalked up an unbelievable $2.5 billion worldwide. However, the story of how The Hurt Locker managed to nail the biggest prize over Avatar remains an inspiring story like what David did over Goliath.

So, did the results portrayed the much of my inner-senses?


Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)
I think this is a bull-eye performance that should have instead won, and what a relieve that he did walked away with the Oscar. That man was awesome on his Nazi outfit, killing Jews in a different parallel setting of the World War 2 under Quentin Taratino. He is in fact one of the most memorable villain over the years that will goes down the road in many years ahead.


There is no surprise that this movie marks Pixar's fifth win in the category - Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall E and now Up. Despite some serious challenge from Coraline and Fantastic Mr Fox, there isn't much for me to compare between those two since I have not watched both of them yet. Up also won Best Original Score in which it deserves so, due to its effective score that plays along with the movie plot well, particularly in the first 15 minutes.


The Hurt Locker
PhotobucketI was not sure if this is the right choice. I love The Hurt Locker but I still think the award should have gone to Quentin Taratino's Inglourious Basterds for his originality and creativeness. The Hurt Locker is solid while it lacks in some attention, based on a real account while the Basterds is solid too but felt more original and entertaining. Otherwise, I'm still settle with a win for The Hurt Locker though.


Another award snubbed? Yes, indeed. Many critics have predicted an easy win for Up In The Air but that did not happened. Up In The Air's screenplay was a strong act-out that managed to follow all the perfect criteria for an Oscar win. Instead, it was a dark horse that won; in the form of Precious, a teen movie inspired and produced by Oprah Winfrey herself. There is another worthy winner as well, as there is no other sci-fi film managed to grab you on hold for two hours without fail - District 9. The screenplay for District 9 was equally stunning too. Perhaps, both has been snubbed?

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Mo'nique (Precious)
It was not easy to portray an evil mom but that did really well for Mo'nique. Her performance as an abusive mom to Precious (played by an awesome Gabourey Sidibe). Although, one may argue the duo from Up In The Air; Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick should have been one of the potential winner, there is no stopping for Mo'nique. She is stern and powerful, there is no doubt that she is in fact the real winner. I was wondering how did Maggie Gyllenhaal managed to notch one surprising nominee there.


I don't really mind about who won but this one proved too much to be ignored. First, James Cameron's Avatar was breathtaking in terms of visual effects, but that occurs after we considered the fact that the movie carries a price tag of $500 million to make and the 3D did not really popping! Star Trek was made at $200 million while sleeper District 9 was budgeted below $30 million. The outcome experience, the award should have gone to District 9 - a memorizing yet effective effects despite small budget. Award been snubbed!!


Another snub I think. In general, Avatar is presented with a understandable and flowable story line, that marvels many of its audience. But this is not an award to give credits on its story flow but merely to honour the story pacing and editing style. Among the field of nominees, I think there are two well-deserved movies that should have won it - District 9 and Inglourious Basterds. Looks like both movie were not getting the much attention they deserved.


Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)
I have no complaint for this one. Jeff Bridges avoided the similar fate that has struck fellow depressing and equally stunning Mickey Rourke from last year's The wrestler. Bridges proved he is a well-loved with his alcoholic performance and yes, I have nothing else to say besides that he is much better than the rest of the field. Single handily, he won it with a style.


Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)
Sandra Bullock created history by winning both Golden Raspberry (worst actress) and Oscar (best actress) on the same year and within 24 hours. How she did that? Obviously, The Blind Side is a different setting from All About Steve. Bullock's performance as the adoptive mom that goes beyond definition of race and colour was perhaps the most dramatic performance by her. Academy did not did wrong. Perhaps, somebody should be reminded on how gorgeous Meryl Streep was in Julie And Julia!!


Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)
How did she won? Academy's vote to honour the first win for a woman or she truly deserves that? My answer - she truly deserves that. Not only she beat ex-husband to the flat, but the other three testosterones. Bigelow is visionary and passionate for the movie as has been shown on her film. Truly magnificent!!


The Hurt Locker
Any complaints from me? Nope. Although I ranked The Hurt Locker on third of my top reviewed movies last year, I somehow developed a strange feeling aftermath that although Avatar was an impressive movie and deserved such a grandmaster review and rating, I however did not think that it deserves the spotlight of attention to actually win the Best Picture. Simple, the movie was so much different than The Hurt Locker. The latter is been more dramatic, more exhilarating and more realistic. Perhaps, the Academy proved to you once again that sci-fi fantasy was not an easy movie for the Academy to accept, while the only exception was The Lord Of The Rings 3's win back in 2004. Besides that, I still find District 9 should also nailed this one too. Unfortunately, in reality, this year's Oscar is all about Bigelow vs Cameron anyway.