Thursday, May 06, 2010


DAY SIX and BLOGATHON is still going strong!

Last weekend, I had my first ever Arabian food experience. I am not a big fan nor somehow familiar with them. The last time I went to Stockholm, I missed out the frenzy and I remembered seeing a lot of kebab stores all around the corner of Stockholm. Yes, it was exquisitely tasty and superb, a new kind of experience for me because I have never seen one kebab store in my hometown Kota Kinabalu yet. I bet things may have changed all these years.

Good thing is, these come in a cheaper price tag than usual and it is not some fancy Arabian dishes or not - just a simple kebab and a refreshing frizzy drink to keep my stomach happy after a long day-out.

Saba-Restaurant was the place I visited that day. When you stop by at Setiawangsa LRT station - an easily accessible if you go by LRT train, cross the overhead bridge into a near fancy condominium of Seri Maya at Setiawangsa.

There are several Arabian restaurants but look for Saba Restaurant because it is much affordable and provides the same Arabian foods like others. Besides enjoying the typical Arabian food, you can also satisfy yourself with variety range of shisha.

Because it was my first ever visit, I asked dear Evelyn for any recommendation. Thus, she recommended me the Chicken Shawarma Kebab. This kebab is chicken-based and wrapped in a bread with salad and dressing. Though it is dry and lack in mayonnaise, it is still exquisitely delicious. The chicken is tender too and it costs around MYR 4 to MYR 5.

For the beverage, I chose Barbican. Barbican is not castle by the way, but it is a brand of a chilling frizzy sparkling juice from Arab. It is made of malt and should be considered akin any malta beer. (Malta is a young beer, carbonated and contains no-alcohol; generally deemed as beer that has not been fermented) They have different types of flavour; namely apple, raspberry, strawberry and lemon. My personal favourites are the apple and strawberry.

Okay, honestly!! Barbican is awesome!! Shall try if you found it anywhere and I was made to understand that it costs MYR 2.50 per bottle. Barbican is manufactured in Dubai by Aujan Industries Co.