Saturday, August 07, 2010


Everyday, I took KTM Komuter from my place in Serdang to my UKM campus at Bangi. Let me say this, it is not always a pleasant ride. Every morning, I forced my self to wake up at 6.10 am just to catch the 6.50 am train. Then, if KTM Komuter does not give me a bitch delay, I should be able to reach my Kejut fac (yes, people in UKM called our Engineering Faculty as Kejut) precisely at 7.35 am. But been a constant bitch KTM is, they decided to screw the schedule twice last week by coming to Serdang station at 7.15 am, so figure yourself what time I reached my campus.

Well, this is my life which is now associated and tied to UKM KTM station. There is no other mean of transport to choose from, so virtually my life of arriving early or late to my class depends on how bitch mood the KTM Komuter train is.

That is not the only thing about this KTM Station. Please come to this station at around 3.00pm, you will get this scenery:

Yeah, this happens only in UKM KTM Station.....