Thursday, May 05, 2011


Ahoy mates! Aye, look at t'picturrrre carrrefully. This is me, savvvy? I have been makin' some interrrest' mugshots of myself recently. Nice? Arrr! Let me intrrroduce myself. My name is Captain Bearry Boo, savvvy! Don' worrry, me is just a teddy pirate, nothin' harmful, savvy? Probably yer still readin' a blog post in English, just that I've been learnin' some t'Pirates languages so bearrr wit' me fer awhile.

Arrr! Me think that me shall stop making yer any more confused. So I think I will be switching back to the real English, savvvy? Ooops. *cough cough*

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

So, I heard the news that Nuffnang is giving out some premier tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides screening on 16 May 2011 at GSC MidValley. Ahoy, it's in 3D some more. Arrr! So, I am planning to get our hands on that tickets - secretively. When I said I am getting my hands on it means I'm going to steal it, savvvy? But first, the mateys at the Nuffnang are challenging me with brain teaser - they asked "What's the best things about being a pirate?" Oooo...I like brain teaser XD

So, listen up mates and lads. Here are the best things about been a pirate! Like seriously....

Number one, did I mentioned that I can steal the Nuffnang premier tickets, Aye!

Pirates like me don't ask permission before we take stuffs. Instead, been a pirate, I will just take and leave. Otherwise, it means that there's a "gene of stealing" running in my blood. So I don't have to ask for permission. Well, not that I care after all, muahahaha..... Just walk in and steal it, that's the plan matey! Those mateys at Nuffnang thought they can hide the tickets from me. Haha... they were wrong.

Last night, I busted into their office located at the hearts of Kuala Lumpurrr. After hours of searching up and down, left and right.... Arrrr! Finally, I found this magical-fluffy-flowery box hidden in their safe vault. Like I said, as if they can hide everything from a pirate, savvy? When I open the box, 'Shiver me timbers!' They hid so many jewelry, coins and.... Arrrr, the tickets! Woohoo!

Without hesistation, I just grabbed everything and chao....of course, all the invite tickets as well! Now at the beach waiting for my Black pearl to pick me up back to my home.

Number two, I can earn a living by stealing nail polishers

You see, I don't really fancy nail polishers. Simply because I'm a teddy pirate. I don't have nails after all. The only reason I fancy nail polishers because it is a big business back in Caribbean where everyone fancy them. So why not pile up some stock to my business? Arrrr! I almost forgot. The invites to the screening comes with a special prizes - OPI Lacquer & Essential Manicure & Pedicure Service worth RM297 each. You see, the old habits never faded in me. It's time to steal it again. I realized the mateys at Nuffnang do not put the nail polishers in their office. Instead, they decided to hide it somewhere. Now where can it be? Hmmmm....

Just when these moment I prefer not to praise myself more than it should be, again finding those hidden nail polishers would be a piece of cake. I am a pirate matey! So here it goes again, the life of just steal and leave. Now I have all the OPIs, all for myself!

Number three, I'm a girl-magnet, means I can woo them easily

Aye! All pirates have a love story to share. I have too, plenty I would say. There's a lot of woman associated with me in the past. Not sure why I am with some of them anyway, perhaps I can woo them easily with my charmness and heroic look.

Oh well, story cut short! After I stole all the nail polishers am waiting for my Black Pearl, I hears somebody screaming for help. So I go have a look. 'Shiver me timbers'!!  I saw Monster Redtard kidnapping a girl. Wait is that Princess Barbie?

Anyway, I jumped into the scene to fight with the monster and managed to rescue to girl. Oh well, like any fairy tales in pirates world, she instantly fall in love with me. Okay, I grabbed and 'stole' her along back to my home. Nice!!

In short, what are the best things about being a pirate? There are all been summarized in one-word - "PARTAY TIME!!" Ooops, that's two!


Screenwriter: Bernard Chung
Director of Photography: Evelyn Goh
Starring: Latte, the teddy bear