Sunday, May 08, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Friendster will deleted all your info (assuming you are still aware that you have one Friendster account). According to PC Mag article, the once dominant social network announced that users will have until May 31 to export their data from the site, at which point Friendster will focus on "entertainment and fun" segment only.

In case you have deleted your account, I guess there's nothing much for you to do now. However, if in case you remembered you do have one account that you have not deleted them and intended to keep those old photos, blogs or posts; probably even the profile too, it would be advisable for you to use the new application called Friendster Exporter. So, here's how to use the Friendster Exporter in easy steps.

01) Go to your Friendster home page. (Ask for your password if you forget your login procedure!) Once you are there, go to the green navigation bar on top, select Fun >> Apps

02) Under the 'New Release' section, look up for Friendster Exporter apps. Add them to your profile.

03) Once you have reached the apps, it offers three options of exporting tools. The first one is the 'Profile Exporter', where you can include your photos (Slower download option) or without them (Faster download option)

04) You can also export your photos. Unfortunately they only allowed export option into Multiply. Apparently, they will add the Flickr into their list soon.
05) Lastly, you can export your Friendster blog posts into a XML file for Wordpress and Blogger. I have not try this option yet nevertheless.

So once you have determine what to export, click the necessary button to initiate your exporting process. Before you can proceed with the download, you will need to login into your Facebook account.

Honestly, I am looking forward for the new version of Friendster since it is apparent that will be ditching much of the social networking segment to concentrate on the lucrative entertainment segment. Although you are pretty much require to back up your profile and blogs, you will not lose your account actually. It will stays on as the Friendster will stay.